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I’m baaack

Feels good to be reunited. To be affirmed. To matter…

Received a very nice note from a computer at FaceBook this morning saying that they had eliminated my account accidentally.

It was concise and apologetic. Computers are that way.

Thank you all who joined in the fight to make this happen. You did it!

Now make sure and watch the mid season finale of Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots tomorrow! It’s going to rock your world!

If you can make it to the Sneaky Peak showing of John Schneider’s Smothered at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte come on! It’s next Friday the 21st. I want it packed!

Off to the hardware store… again!



you asked for it

Okay… maybe you didn’t all ask for it but several folks have said “What’s this censored thing all about? I can handle the real deal!”

You know who you are! This is the UNCENSORED John Schneider’s Smothered trailer!

Do you dare watch it alone?

I’m only reacting to peer pressure!




last day of 2013

Today I am going to get my social networking in order so I can keep in touch with the
world better. Smothered has kept me crazy busy and we are nearly finished and ready to show it to distributors!

Great stuff!

Somehow over the years I have collected twitter feeds and facebook pages, Twitter’s and instagrams. Too many to keep up with!

Today I am going to put my nose to the grindstone and learn WordPress so I can have one place to go to for all of it and so those who are interested can know I am actually getting their comments, questions and thoughts.

Wish me luck!