I keep hearing how the tax credit situation in Louisiana has gotten worse. 

Truth: The tax credit situation for filmmakers in Louisiana has gotten better!

Consider this:

The threshold for a movie filming in Louisiana before the change in the credit (how much someone had to spend in order to be eligible to start generating tax credits) was $300,000. 

This is a number that must invite outside investment into your film. It is high and weeds out the truly independent filmmaker. 

In short… A number like $300,000 being the MINIMUM SPEND for an independent film to start generating tax credits (Up to 30% of the film budget) is actually PTHIBITIVE

Be the unexpected perspective. 

People change. 


Read it again:

People CHANGE. 

That is unless you back them into a corner… A defensive posture them precludes them from considering an alternative posture. 

WTF does that mean..?

Simple… Adults get new information every day. Meet new people. Are open to new ideas. Minds that are open are susceptible to change

Minds on both sides of any issue. 

Minds are closed when people get defensive. 

People get defensive when their current position is called I enlightened or archaic or stupid. 

Anyone gets defensive if the opinions they currently hold dear are called any of those things. 


So… Let’s not assume that anyone’s current (I keep using that word because my opinions, perspectives and beliefs in many subjects have often been changed in a heartbeat by being open to someone else’s truth) position is going to last forever (or your current position for that matter).

To my LGBT friends you have earned your place in history as the most effective human rights group ever to join hands against oppression. You have come a long way and made great progress. 

You have caused people to think… Rethink… Change. 

To my straight friends who are still in turmoil over the issue… I don’t think it really effects you but perhaps my change in perspective on the issue will cause you to reconsider. 

Focus, John. Focus.. (Yes… I even talk to myself when blogging!)

Don’t assume that our new leadership (or a portion of it) will be your future enemy even if history suggests that will be the case. 

People change. 

Especially people who inadvertently come in contact with an unexpected truth other than or different from their own. 

Be that point of contact. 

Be the unexpected perspective that they never thought they would or could possible understand or have empathy for. 

Be a mind opener. 

People with open minds change. 

I did. 

I would not have if I remained cemented in a defensive posture. 

Love creates an atmosphere of understanding. Of  compassion. Of higher learning. Of change. Love changes everything. 

I am speaking, of course, of our VP elect Michael Pence. Regardless of his history don’t assume he is your enemy and most certainly don’t push him into a defensive posture and MAKE him one. 

People change. 

People change. 

You, me, us, them, WE…



Inward and onward!


A Driven Character

I am fascinated with the notion that I should comply to fit into what other people’s notion of what I am “supposed” to be… is.

To be the way they think I should be…

Think the way I should think…

Like the things they think I should like…

Express myself in the way they think I should.

Not going to happen.

I listen to the voices in my head. Not the voices in theirs.

Their voices are theirs to act on, ignore… to do with as they please. As they see fit.

I don’t deny them theirs… and would appreciate the same courtesy in return.Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.10.39 AM

The characters in my head (and therefore that come out of my fingers onto this laptop and eventually in front of a camera) are real. They are as three dimensional as anyone you have ever met.

People make impressions on me. Situations. Dialogue. Sayings. Victories. Failures. Conquests and pain all stick to my soul like flies on a fly strip… rats on a sticky pad.

They are not mine… I am theirs.

As JR Collier is known to say… “I can’t not.”

So know that, if you really are a fan of mine… of me… not of some noble notion you have put up on a wall in the form of brittle parchment with my picture on it… that you must give voice to all the voices that come forth.

All the voices.

They may use harsh language and do things that are hard… biting… and, occasionally seemingly mean spirited…

But I assure you that they are all in search of a noble cause.

Freedom from tyranny and tyrannical relationships.

The right to love, worship, despise and be heard by a hundred people who care… or one.

They are real stories about real situations that have happened or been imagined and dreamed of by real people run though the paper filter that is my collective experience.

To toss any of these characters, stories, notions out the window is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Never a good idea unless of course the baby has been crying all night and you have an early day tomorrow (see… I heard that nearly fifty years ago at a barbershop and it just crept out of my ear!).Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.48.45 PM

To know my stories is to know me. To reject any one of them is to reject me.

You, of course,  are free to do whichever you like. Listen to your voices… your histories. Demons… Savior.

I offer mine up for public exhibition… execution.

I am… like my others… a Driven Character.




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Know my stories… know me.

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Measure Twice… Cut once. 

Seems to be a need for people to fill a void. 

Sometimes filling that void is a good thing… Helping a little old lady across the street or picking up a piece of trash that’s blowing through a beautiful flower bed…

But sometimes…

Just because there is a rope hanging from a tree over a river full of your friends doesn’t necessarily mean you have to swing from it in a vain attempt to clear the heads and shoulders of your loved ones. 

Holidays are an excuse to have fun, to bond, to make new friends and strengthen old relationships. They are not an excuse to do something stupid or dangerous that may haunt you for the rest of your life. 

Ruthie, Bob and Laura in the set of “John Schneider’s One Month Out!”

Measure twice… Cut once. 

Thanks grandpa Schneider. Still a great lesson!

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