the discussion is ongoing

Wow. Lots of varied perspectives on the Charlie & Sally saga.

Your response to their situation and the question tells a lot about who you are and how you were brought up.

Here’s one of the most interesting:

“I think that men generally minimize their hard work because so that people will be impressed with how hard they can work and not complain. How seemingly easy hard work is. Charlie would say “Ahhh… wasn’t that hard of a job. Sure wouldn’t turn down a cold beer though!”
Women have a tendency to exaggerate the difficulty of a task so that people will be impress with their ability to work hard. Sally might say “Today was a bear of a day. I don’t remember working so hard in a twelve hour period!”

John piping in again here: I’m fascinated by that response because it shows that both Charlie and Sally are looking for the same thing but going about it in two different ways. They are looking for appreciation. For a well deserved “attaboy/girl” from their mate.

My observation is that it’s interesting that both value acceptance and appreciation but need it expressed to them in totally different ways!

For example: If Sally said to Charlie “You poor thing. I don’t think you’ve ever worked that hard in a twelve hour period.” What do you think his response would be? (I’m especially anxious to hear the female perspective on this one).

Or… What would Sally’s response be if Charlie came in and said “Well, Sal… doesn’t look like your day was all that difficult.”

See what I’m saying?

Let’s keep talking about this one. I travel tomorrow so may not get to the blog. Hang in there and keep thinking! If you need to go back and read the original blog click HERE.

Hey… while you are here why not take another look at the John Schneider’s Smothered Official Trailer? I need to get the YouTube numbers waaaay up!

Doing a double day of T25 tomorrow before I get on a plane. Wish me luck! Although… I’m sure it won’t really be that hard. Yeah… right!


a simple debatable observation

okay… I’m a writer. Mostly. At least that’s what I think of myself as as I’m brushing my teeth. Now… I’m not so much making a statement or saying something “is” here but, rather…  want to toss a question out there about a tendency  I believe I have noticed over the past 50 or so years and see what you all have to say about it.

It’s important that both males and females pipe in on this one or someone will be in a world of hurt!

Charlie worked his butt off today doing yard work. Pulling stumps. Raking leaves. Cleaning gutters. You know the guy. But when he comes inside and his wife or son or daughter or mother say “Wow… that looked like a whole lot of work. You must be exhausted!”

What is Charlie’s response?

There is no right or wrong answer here. But I do want to know what you, man and woman alike, believe his response would be.


Sally just ran to the store after dropping the kids off to school. She got a Starbucks on the way to the gas station and then went to the PO box to drop something off. In fact… Sally’s day was filled with things like that. Her day ended with picking up the kids and bringing them home to a meal she made for them before getting them ready for bed. The mother, Charlie, daughter or whoever says “How was your day, Sally?”

What is Sally’s response?

Again… no right or wrong answer here. I’m a writer… remember? I’m interested in things like this.

No fighting or name calling now. This is purely an intellectual exercise. I’ll read your responses and get back to blogging in a few days.



one stop shopping


It is a new year and I made a promise to myself  to learn and design a word press site so I could finally keep up with all that is going on in my crazy head/world.

Well… I did it!

Please feel free to come look around. Read a little. Shop a little. Look at a video or two. You know… kick the tires and take it for a spin like the good old General Lee or Jonathan Kent’s faithful work truck.

At you will find info on past shows, shows that are coming back soon and some that may never come back. There are videos and music and interviews and stores and links to bands and composers who made smothered possible.

It will also tell you when I’ll be somewhere like at the tribeca hilton next Monday and Tuesday for the pre party and premiere of the 2nd season of Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots.

In short… I am only going to go to from now on at least 90% of the time so I can keep up with this ever changing world of technology that we find ourselves living in.

I know that some will be upset with this decision but it was either get in manageable or let the whole house of cards fall down.

I prefer it this way. Hopefully you will to. If not… well… a wise man once said that you should never trust someone who everyone agrees with because that person is lying.

I liked that guy. Smart fella. Anyway…

Feel free to comment on my blogs or drop a note right there on my site. I’ll get to everything that comes here as quickly as possible and respond to most. Be patient with me though as I am still figuring out what the hell a widget is and how it effects my life!

BTW… I reserve the right to post your comments on my blog. In fact… I think it does it automatically and randomly. So be yourself, Always.

I am going to be honest on the blog. Up front and sometimes blunt. I’m going to be that way because that’s the way I am. Often times people want to put people into a box that they design for them. Not for me. No more of that from 2014 and on.

In the spirit of honesty I am putting what I’m told by many is the worst picture ever taken of me right here for all to see. It happens to be one of my favorite pictures of all time. See..? Odd. Here it is:


Some will be enlightened occasionally, some offended occasionally. I can’t help it. I am going to write my blogs the way I write my screenplays: From the heart. From experience. From my often odd perspective.

Hang on. It’s going to be a heck of a ride!

Happy New Year!


37 things you’ll regret

It’s the first day of 2014 and I was just reading
a little post that’s catching a
lot of buzz around the web right now called ’37
Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old’.

And I thought…

What a cool thing it would be to create a 37 Things
to-do personal bucket list!

Things you WON’T regret doing looking back at your
life at an older age.

It’ll be like the arch enemy of the REGRETS list! Mua
ha ha (said in an evil laugh)

All joking aside, I hate that people always focus on
the Negative side of things, although I know that the
list was created to inspire taking the time to doing
those things NOW.

Some common regrets, or things people say they
will get to but rarely do are:

…Not traveling when you had the chance.

…Not spending more quality time with loved ones.

…Working too much with others reaping the rewards.

…Not learning another language.

…Being scared to do things. (You’ll look back and say,
‘what was I afraid of.’)

…Failing to not making physical fitness a part of your life.

…Not quitting a terrible job.

…And on the list goes.

So my challenge to you is to create a 37 Things To-Do

Make em’ big!

That’s why I made Smothered!

Make a real go do Just Do It!

Start Right Away.

Things you’ve always wanted to do.

And then realize that none of them are likely out of reach.

Traveling the world, getting in shape, picking up the phone
and telling someone you love them, it’s all possible and
totally doable.

Just because you’re friends can’t do it (read “won’t”)…

…Doesn’t mean YOU cant!


old dogs… new tricks

Okay… so I’m giving it my all here learning Word Press so that I can
have one place to go for me personally… for john schneider’s fairlight films, the haves and the have nots coming back on this tuesday to OWN and, of course getting people all worked up about seeing first the trailer and then the real thing for john schneider’s smothered.

My brain hurts! Plus I have been chatting with people on the Dukes of Hazzard FaceBook page and having a blast!

Why is it that I always seem to take on multiple things at the same time?

Hell… I even did my T25 workout this morning on top of all of that AND it’s my son’s 22 birthday!

All this to say… hang in there. I am experiencing a learning curve here
that I am not all that familiar with (which is why it’s called a learning curve I suppose!).

Know that I am trying my hardest and doing my best!

I love the new Dukes fans!

Now go up there and see if any of those links work!