It’s hard to express disappointment in someone you love. 

Apparently… less difficult for some than others. 

I went on record months ago saying that I don’t believe anyone deserves a free ride. 

People who quit don’t get severance pay. 

People who quit… quit. 

As the more noble are want to say “Be well. Go with God.”

Every story has at least two sides. Likely five or six actually. 

Take time to hear them, discover and uncover them all before jumping to conclusions and taking the easy way out. 

Hate is the easy out. 

Don’t be romanced by her energy or impresses with her bravado. 

The sign on the door to hatred reads “Be very careful all Yee who enTer here.”

Do us all a favor… don’t enter. 

Still “Making my way the only way I know how!”

img_1219At John Schneider Studios we make movies, do theater, music… we think outside of the box and tell stories in the most interesting ways possible.

Poignant. Exciting. Creepy. Inspiring. Thought provoking. Visceral. Independent.

What we don’t do is hold our breath until we turn blue. We don’t lie down in the isle at the local supermarket until mommy buys us an ice cream. We don’t threaten to take our toys from the collective sandbox and stop playing because we didn’t get our way.

Those are things spoiled children do.

Those are things that people with a highly exaggerated view of their purpose and value in the public conversation do.

We don’t do that at JSS.

We know we’re not going to change the world. We may just change someones perspective with a word… an image… a sentiment… a song.

We are tellers of stories. Nothing more… noting less.

And we are embarrassed by our counterparts who make idle threats they have no intention of carrying out.

Maybe that’s because they secretly suspect¬†that if they actually did leave the sandbox… it would likely be a better sandbox for their absence.

Looks like I am still “Fighting the system” and “Making my way the only way I know how.”

Funny, huh?

I consider the freedom to tell stories and make entertainment a privilege. An honor. I would very much like your support of what we make here in rural Louisiana in a studio dedicated to making people laugh, think, squirm, feel and cry.

I promise I will never embarrass you by threatening to take my toys and leave because I didn’t get my way.

We’ve all seen enough of that here lately.

I support our president just as I supported the presidents before him and just as I will support the presidents to come while I am here on this earth telling stories.

For those of you fed up with those of them making empty threats because they love the sound of their own complaining, consider going the independent film/entertainment route.

Here’s a link you may enjoy: JohnSchneiderOfficial.com

Now let’s stop buying ice cream for the spoiled children and insist they begin acting like adults. No one is entitled to anything, anywhere at any time. We have to work for it just like our parents and theirs did.

Thank you for giving me a place to vent.


John Schneider

Tolerant my ass

It occurred to me that since there are so relatively few “celebrities” in the world that we are, in fact, a minority. 

It also occurred to me that, thankfully, there are many minorities speaking out against the senseless violence and pandemonium being spread at the hands of those who were professing their peace, tolerant nature just prior to my presedent’s election. 

It’s a shame that people only say things because they never expect that they will have to apologize or act in them. 

It’s a shame when people are so certain of the outcome of an election that they will say anything to get in the spotlight. 

It’s a shame when people want something for nothing. They feel entitled. As if they somehow earned something they never actually worked for. 

It’s a shame when people who preach tolerance one day exemplify it with violence the next. 

It’s a shame….

I have experienced some of this and it’s always left a bad taste in my mouth that I have to consider in the few hours a month that I am not actually working toward a goal. 

People can be that way. 

But I digress…

The election turned the lights on and now the little critters are scrambling. Trying to save face without having to actually do or say anything. 

Doesn’t work that way. 

Not so easy mister, miss and Mrs “celebrity.”

Let’s man/woman up here boys and girls…

You promised to “Leave the country if that son of a bitch, that racist hate monger, dictator homophobe (non of which is remotely true by the way) asshole got elected.”

My President Elect didn’t actually say any of those things. It was “reported” that he did but we all know how much truth is in reporting when a specific agenda is being forced down our throats. 

Well, my celebrated friends… He did get elected. He won both through the electoral college and the popular vote. 

He won as soon as people who work all day got off work and got their tired bodies to their polling places. 

He won. Hands down. Fair and square. 

And now he’s preparing a monumental task with great assistance. 

“We” are going to make America Great Again. 


And yet… “You” are still here.

You who accuse The President Elect of making “empty promises” are still here. 

If you didn’t take the first plane, boat or any other means of travel out of the country because you suddenly heard what he was actual saying about taxes, GLBT or any other platform he has thought through in an effort to help the country that he loves and is willing to get paid $1.00 a year to serve…


All is forgiven. 

But earn your right to stick around. 

Work for it. 

Suck it up B, W, B, S, LGG and all those others who know exactly who you are (let’s face it… We all know exactly who you are). 

And apologize. 

Or be a man/woman of your word and leave. 


What little credibility you have left is at stake. 

The ball is in your court. Read my previous blog. It’s okay to have a change of heart. To hear an “Unexpected perspective” that changes something in your soul. 

Happens all the time.

Your candidate didn’t win. Simple. 

Now do as you said and go elsewhere or say you are sorry, mistaken or misinformed and stick around. 

As far as this minority can see it’s the only way to save face. 




I keep hearing how the tax credit situation in Louisiana has gotten worse. 

Truth: The tax credit situation for filmmakers in Louisiana has gotten better!

Consider this:

The threshold for a movie filming in Louisiana before the change in the credit (how much someone had to spend in order to be eligible to start generating tax credits) was $300,000. 

This is a number that must invite outside investment into your film. It is high and weeds out the truly independent filmmaker. 

In short… A number like $300,000 being the MINIMUM SPEND for an independent film to start generating tax credits (Up to 30% of the film budget) is actually PTHIBITIVE

Be the unexpected perspective. 

People change. 


Read it again:

People CHANGE. 

That is unless you back them into a corner… A defensive posture them precludes them from considering an alternative posture. 

WTF does that mean..?

Simple… Adults get new information every day. Meet new people. Are open to new ideas. Minds that are open are susceptible to change

Minds on both sides of any issue. 

Minds are closed when people get defensive. 

People get defensive when their current position is called I enlightened or archaic or stupid. 

Anyone gets defensive if the opinions they currently hold dear are called any of those things. 


So… Let’s not assume that anyone’s current (I keep using that word because my opinions, perspectives and beliefs in many subjects have often been changed in a heartbeat by being open to someone else’s truth) position is going to last forever (or your current position for that matter).

To my LGBT friends you have earned your place in history as the most effective human rights group ever to join hands against oppression. You have come a long way and made great progress. 

You have caused people to think… Rethink… Change. 

To my straight friends who are still in turmoil over the issue… I don’t think it really effects you but perhaps my change in perspective on the issue will cause you to reconsider. 

Focus, John. Focus.. (Yes… I even talk to myself when blogging!)

Don’t assume that our new leadership (or a portion of it) will be your future enemy even if history suggests that will be the case. 

People change. 

Especially people who inadvertently come in contact with an unexpected truth other than or different from their own. 

Be that point of contact. 

Be the unexpected perspective that they never thought they would or could possible understand or have empathy for. 

Be a mind opener. 

People with open minds change. 

I did. 

I would not have if I remained cemented in a defensive posture. 

Love creates an atmosphere of understanding. Of  compassion. Of higher learning. Of change. Love changes everything. 

I am speaking, of course, of our VP elect Michael Pence. Regardless of his history don’t assume he is your enemy and most certainly don’t push him into a defensive posture and MAKE him one. 

People change. 

People change. 

You, me, us, them, WE…



Inward and onward!