Spare the rod…

I just saw the “Snowflake Meltdown” post on FB.

Unbelievable that a child feels they have the right or that they are “entitled” to speak to a teacher that way.

When I was a kid it was common knowledge that if you “Spared the rod” you would “Spoil the child.”

Is there anyone left out there who cant see the wisdom of this?

Left to our own devices the nature of man is to see what they can get away with. If nothing reels us in we spin out of control. We think we are entitled “Money for nothing.”

There is a difference between trying to get away with that which you think/know/believe to be wrong and believing you are actually “entitled” to this behavior.

The young whirling dervish in this video says things like “Who do you think you you are” to his teacher.

He’s your teacher you ungrateful little monster. Sit down, shut up and learn.

There are people who believe they should be paid for, take care of and coddled for the rest of their lives who honestly feel they shouldn’t have to work for it.

There is no such thing as a free lunch and there shouldn’t be.

Hard work tests the mettle. Forges the steel. Makes the man/woman into a better person, citizen, parent.

Money from thin air isn’t appreciated.

Authority unearned makes for a spoiled and entitled work force.

Spare the rod – spoil the experiment, however noble.

Lincoln, Jefferson, King and all those who not only worked hard to make themselves better but also build a world where we were free to work ourselves out of a leas than perfect beginning are “rolling over in their graves” at this new, entitled, phenomenon.

I dont know how we can “unring” this bell but feel certain that if the young monster in this video is spoken to like he spoke to his teacher when he is an adult that it wont go well.

What happens when “entitled worlds collide?”

Heaven help is all!