Nobody can fall in love with a lie

I been getting a lot of grief lately over lots of things like statements on hats and story lines. 

My opinions, stances, plots, characters and their shenanigans come out of my soul. My brain. 

They are… my outlet. My freedom of expression. 

Like rust in a fender, if they don’t come out or if I try to cover them up with a nice coat of paint that makes everything pretty…

Eventually the fender is going to fall off. 

Besides… As JR Collier once said “I can’t not.”

I am not who you think I am. 

Nobody is. 

I am not who or what you want me to be. 

Nobody is. 

I’m not your kind of actor, singer, artist or Christian. 

I am… 

like it or not…


I’ve grown, changed and even changed my mind. 

I have been, on occasion, the “Unexpected perspective” that I wrote about some time ago. 

Hopefully you have too. 

Speak with people you don’t agree with. Eat and drink with them. 

Enjoy them. 

And above all… don’t try to force your way on them. 

Talk. Speak. Communicate. 

This used to be called “Social Intercourse.”

It’s personal. 

But back to me…

I Never make a film or sing a song or write a story that doesn’t somehow speak to and from me. To suggest that I change how I do or what I do would be to suggest I be more true to you than to myself. 

Not gonna happen. 

Shouldn’t happen. 

Not to me and not to you. 

Be who you are not who your friend or enemies or pastors or customers want you to be because, truth be known, no one can fall in love with a lie. 

Lastly… if I hurt your feelings… good. It means we are actually talking, communicating, engaging in Social Intercourse. 

Now check out some of my movies. If they aren’t for you then I’m suggesting that you may know or even dislike someone to whom they may be perfect for.