It’s about the story

How many more movies can we see that look more like video games (shit… do they still call them VIDEO games?) that are visual heavy with little or no story?

There used to be a saying in Hollywood. It was a good one. A true one. 

“You can’t polish a turd.”

Simple. But true. 

If there was no followable story and you didn’t care about the people living or dying in it, no matter how many car chases and plane crashes and tight clothing and great fights and big breasts and six-PAC abs on the mLe lead there were…

The movie would suck. 

What’s more… the movie would fail at the box office. 

The viewing public wouldn’t stand (or buy) for it. 

You could not, under ANY circumstances, polish a turd. 

All you would wind up with was a very shiny… turd. 

Heaven’s Gate,


Howard the Duck

And, to some… Dick Tracy. 

Then something happened. 

Personally I think it was the first Batman movie. 

The Hollywood machine looked a screenplay with. Thin storyline that was trying so hard to be something more than it’s source material but obviously not…

And the machine had already committed so much money to this “event” that it could not possibly afford to lose money…

That it pulled out all the stops, spent more money on publicity and Prints (P&A) than it did on the movie itself. 

It took advantage of every possible fan of the source material and made sure that the money could be made back in the first weekend (which I believe started on Thursday). 

And it worked!

I applaud the concept and the balls it took to do that. 

It was amazing!

It made money that no one ever dreamed possible. 

What’s my point?

The point is that it worked so well that the machine threw out the adage. It was no longer “Impossible to polish a turd.”

There was a stratigy in place that would assure that people went, in droves, to see movies that the machine knew was under par and likely to fail. 

Then it started relying on the new strategy rather than the story, performances, direction. 

It seems that nowadays we are more surprised when a “Blockbuster” movie is any good at all. 

We hear things like “I know this movie is going to suck but I’ll go see it anyway.”

Story was and is still KING. 

Want a great story that will challenge your thinking, boundaries and definitions of status quo?

Want to see movies that cost more than their advertising because dreamers seldom think about anything after the production is finished and the editor has moved on?

Watch Independant films. 

I have some at 

But don’t just watch mine. Watch as many as you can. 

You will be watching people’s dreams realized. Their lifetime goals achieved… on film. 

And who knows… the experience may keep you from complacency… from “settling” from polishing your own turd to the delight of those who don’t believe you have it in youbto dream and dream big. 

Let’s face it… we deserve to dream. To reach. To stretch. 

Here’s to you! Don’t settle. Watch Independant!