Sufficient to the day…

I am loving the temperature of our country right now. Actually delighted that someone has finally called the American Press on their shoddy practices of creating news for the sake of ratings.

Seriously… politics aside… anyone who has ever had a great, honest relationship knows that a real working, loving relationship begins when people are honest with each other. That means telling it like it is… and not fabricating things in order to create (and then repair) chaos.

“Find someone who will call you on your shit.”

No drama. You ever spend any time with someone who created drama in order to have something to fix?

I’ll bet you have. I know I have.

But then again… everybody needs a hobby… right?

In any event I believe we are entering into a time when the press and the White House will actually work in tandem with one another.

Not late today or even next week. But in the next few years.

And I think that is a god thing. A VERY good thing.

We do have to go through the quagmire of crap-slinging in order to get there however.

Call them growing pains.

800,000 new jobs… Isis is running into the cracks like cockroaches because the US turned the lights on… teens in the workplace… industry back into the US that hasn’t been here in decades…

The list goes on and on.

What I am sure of after all of this is this:

The news is not the news. The news has a responsibility to report, not create, the news.

Lastly… We are not required to agree with the president or the laws of the land. We are required to follow those laws and either support the current administration or take action against it in the voting booth at the end of his term.

Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof. Don’t create turmoil and chaos. Manage the mess that exists the best you can and flourish in spite of and because of it.

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