Still “Making my way the only way I know how!”

img_1219At John Schneider Studios we make movies, do theater, music… we think outside of the box and tell stories in the most interesting ways possible.

Poignant. Exciting. Creepy. Inspiring. Thought provoking. Visceral. Independent.

What we don’t do is hold our breath until we turn blue. We don’t lie down in the isle at the local supermarket until mommy buys us an ice cream. We don’t threaten to take our toys from the collective sandbox and stop playing because we didn’t get our way.

Those are things spoiled children do.

Those are things that people with a highly exaggerated view of their purpose and value in the public conversation do.

We don’t do that at JSS.

We know we’re not going to change the world. We may just change someones perspective with a word… an image… a sentiment… a song.

We are tellers of stories. Nothing more… noting less.

And we are embarrassed by our counterparts who make idle threats they have no intention of carrying out.

Maybe that’s because they secretly suspect that if they actually did leave the sandbox… it would likely be a better sandbox for their absence.

Looks like I am still “Fighting the system” and “Making my way the only way I know how.”

Funny, huh?

I consider the freedom to tell stories and make entertainment a privilege. An honor. I would very much like your support of what we make here in rural Louisiana in a studio dedicated to making people laugh, think, squirm, feel and cry.

I promise I will never embarrass you by threatening to take my toys and leave because I didn’t get my way.

We’ve all seen enough of that here lately.

I support our president just as I supported the presidents before him and just as I will support the presidents to come while I am here on this earth telling stories.

For those of you fed up with those of them making empty threats because they love the sound of their own complaining, consider going the independent film/entertainment route.

Here’s a link you may enjoy:

Now let’s stop buying ice cream for the spoiled children and insist they begin acting like adults. No one is entitled to anything, anywhere at any time. We have to work for it just like our parents and theirs did.

Thank you for giving me a place to vent.


John Schneider