Tolerant my ass

It occurred to me that since there are so relatively few “celebrities” in the world that we are, in fact, a minority. 

It also occurred to me that, thankfully, there are many minorities speaking out against the senseless violence and pandemonium being spread at the hands of those who were professing their peace, tolerant nature just prior to my presedent’s election. 

It’s a shame that people only say things because they never expect that they will have to apologize or act in them. 

It’s a shame when people are so certain of the outcome of an election that they will say anything to get in the spotlight. 

It’s a shame when people want something for nothing. They feel entitled. As if they somehow earned something they never actually worked for. 

It’s a shame when people who preach tolerance one day exemplify it with violence the next. 

It’s a shame….

I have experienced some of this and it’s always left a bad taste in my mouth that I have to consider in the few hours a month that I am not actually working toward a goal. 

People can be that way. 

But I digress…

The election turned the lights on and now the little critters are scrambling. Trying to save face without having to actually do or say anything. 

Doesn’t work that way. 

Not so easy mister, miss and Mrs “celebrity.”

Let’s man/woman up here boys and girls…

You promised to “Leave the country if that son of a bitch, that racist hate monger, dictator homophobe (non of which is remotely true by the way) asshole got elected.”

My President Elect didn’t actually say any of those things. It was “reported” that he did but we all know how much truth is in reporting when a specific agenda is being forced down our throats. 

Well, my celebrated friends… He did get elected. He won both through the electoral college and the popular vote. 

He won as soon as people who work all day got off work and got their tired bodies to their polling places. 

He won. Hands down. Fair and square. 

And now he’s preparing a monumental task with great assistance. 

“We” are going to make America Great Again. 


And yet… “You” are still here.

You who accuse The President Elect of making “empty promises” are still here. 

If you didn’t take the first plane, boat or any other means of travel out of the country because you suddenly heard what he was actual saying about taxes, GLBT or any other platform he has thought through in an effort to help the country that he loves and is willing to get paid $1.00 a year to serve…


All is forgiven. 

But earn your right to stick around. 

Work for it. 

Suck it up B, W, B, S, LGG and all those others who know exactly who you are (let’s face it… We all know exactly who you are). 

And apologize. 

Or be a man/woman of your word and leave. 


What little credibility you have left is at stake. 

The ball is in your court. Read my previous blog. It’s okay to have a change of heart. To hear an “Unexpected perspective” that changes something in your soul. 

Happens all the time.

Your candidate didn’t win. Simple. 

Now do as you said and go elsewhere or say you are sorry, mistaken or misinformed and stick around. 

As far as this minority can see it’s the only way to save face.