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Measure Twice… Cut once. 

Seems to be a need for people to fill a void. 

Sometimes filling that void is a good thing… Helping a little old lady across the street or picking up a piece of trash that’s blowing through a beautiful flower bed…

But sometimes…

Just because there is a rope hanging from a tree over a river full of your friends doesn’t necessarily mean you have to swing from it in a vain attempt to clear the heads and shoulders of your loved ones. 

Holidays are an excuse to have fun, to bond, to make new friends and strengthen old relationships. They are not an excuse to do something stupid or dangerous that may haunt you for the rest of your life. 

Ruthie, Bob and Laura in the set of “John Schneider’s One Month Out!”

Measure twice… Cut once. 

Thanks grandpa Schneider. Still a great lesson!

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Live Stream With John Schneider July 14, 2016