What an amazing time I am having here on Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots. Amazing people and the most organized production I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of four seasons in a row!

Becoming “Jim” one bruise at a time!

Lesson to be learned:

Keep in the game and pay attention. You just might learn something!

Am am. Here. Every day. 

Enjoy the new season when it comes but be prepared to have to hang on to your chair!



PS – Be sure to #GetSmothered right here! we are all going to be watching next Friday the 13th!

12 thoughts on “Delighted”

  1. You are so handsome with facial hair. Poor Jim, looks like he may need a private nurse to take care of him. I can’t wait until HAHN come on. I was wanting to watch Smothered on Friday the 13th, however I will be pulling a double shift. 2pm – 6am.

  2. John, I hope it’s all makeup. I really would like to see Jim Cryer get out there more like Trump character and less like a loser guy. I always thought Tyler Perry wanted a strong, influential, sociopath who gets things done and wins it all in the character of Jim. But in the last few seasons, Jim has done nothing but lose from torture to extortion to the loss of his daughter and maybe Wyatt. Where’s the fun, winning, always in-your-face “JR Ewing” type character? Best to you and have fun in all you do. Will definitely be watching June 21st!

  3. Tyler must really love you to have you so banged up and bruised. I’m looking forward to seeing the end of season 3 however as you talk about how unpredictable season 4 will be, it makes me wish the show will just keep going with no break.
    Thank you for the link on where people can purchase Smothered for the Friday the 13th movie party. Please let us know a time so I can have my pop-corn ready.

  4. I think you could learn a lot from Tyler. Look how much success he has had. That’s the kind of people you need to observe…the ones who have had many successful movies. You, go, John! Love you!

  5. omg!
    I can’t wait to see Jim Cryer in action again!
    You’re so fine actor John! How a good guy makes an character so twisted and perverse? lol

      1. Acting is then pivotal! One without the other does not work. Tyler has the magic on paper but you make it come alive! Give em Hell! lol

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