Living is a bubble has its advantages and disadvantages. 

One of the disadvantages is that you learn of strangers passing right away and, often, of friends passing a week or so after the fact. 

THis was less than a month ago. 

No one knows the Desmond that roam behind the practiced smiles of our friends. 

My only hope is that your last smile was accompanied by exhaustion from a job well done and not grief from aone perceived failure. Remember that many can’t fail because they aren’t on the journey. On the road. 

You can’t fail at that with which you are not engaged. 

Chyna will be remembered, emulated and missed by many. 

I’m truly sorry we wont get to do that film together my friend. But if there is a heaven… I’m quite sure they have the best gear. 

The stage, the ring, your fans, friends and family morn you. 



#GetSmothered right here! 

5 thoughts on “Chyna”

  1. Many people missed the news about Chyna because Prince’s untimely passing overshadowed much of the news. She was a beautiful, hard-working person who fought hard to be the best in her field. Life can be hard to endure and sometimes people don’t know where it will lead. She was a sweet person and like Michael Jackson, Keith Ledger, Prince, and others, died alone. After much adulation from thousands of fans, she was by herself when the Lord took her. So be respectful of people whether in the limelight or just around the corner. Each person has his or her own dignity.

  2. Belinda and I talked about this at length. She was so inspiring and broke through barriers. Very kind hearted with her fans and almost on OTRD if you remember with Belinda. I wish love and support for her family and friends. I also pray that the MEDIA is dignified and not repulsive as they normally can be. Everyone is ready to write a book and the only real person that could tell her story was her. May she rest in peace and may people continue to remember all the good things she did for countless people. She was a strong woman in many ways.

  3. So true. I thought of this very same thing when I was first diagnosed with cancer, almost seven years ago, and every year since my surgery. Death is frightening and very unpredictable.

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