The true artist formerly known as…

Few people leave a mark. 

Some leave a stain…

But few a mark. 

I am thankful for his music. For the sound he sent reverberating through our lives. 

It’s still there even though the originator of the sound has “left the building.”

You will be missed. What you were working on will be missed. Your sounds to come are for only you to hum. To whistle. 

Thank you for sharing your sounds with us all. 

We miss you. 


4 thoughts on “The true artist formerly known as…”

  1. He will be missed. Amazing artist and person. Speaking of amazing artists John Schnieder…I am looking forward to meeting you to discuss my book. You are the main character named Nathaniel Hawthorne-Brooks. Hope to here from you…

  2. I’m surprised no one’s commented on this! Seriously, Prince was one of the most iconic, influential musicians and entertainers of our day. He will be missed! Great tribute, John. 🙂

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