He’s out there

Great response to Anderson Bench last night. 

One couple in the second row center were perfect. He had questions about actions and motivations and she answered them all.  

 I think it’s a good sign when all the questions in the audience can be answered by members of the audience. 

Another said “I was ready to get up and run for the door from ten minutes in. But I couldn’t”

People were shocked, angered, surprised, saddened and enraged. 

In a word… They “felt” the film. 

Good job Anderson! I’m proud of you!!

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6 thoughts on “He’s out there”

  1. I recall seeing ANDERSON BENCH on your MAC AIR computer on the cruise to Mexico in November. You asked us, “Did you get sick when you saw…” Well, it was shocking, and you expected that reaction too…you set it up that way and laughed heartily as we struggled through the parts where our hearts were racing and our mouths ran dry. You wanted a response and, waited patiently to see our faces – wow, did you get one! I hope you have many more successes! (I still would prefer to see you in FRONT of the camera more often!) Have fun!

  2. That’s what I was thinking. When someone gets sick, that’s success of a sort. That means someone totally suspended disbelief, and became completely immersed in the reality you created. To that person, it was more than a movie. Don’t you think?

  3. John, I’m not surprised by the audience feeling for the people in your story. The same was is true for Smothered, people feel for all your characters. This has a lot to say with your style of storytelling. You want your audience to feel for everyone in your story, all your characters have their own story to tell and emotions to let out in your story. Proud of you for letting it come out of your brain to share with the world. I can’t wait to see Anderson Bench soon. BTW (by the way {just to help you out old man}) when are you expecting this one to be released to everyone???

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