Crabs in a bucket

Did you know that you don’t need a lid on a bucket of crabs to keep them contained?

The crabs at the bottom will climb on the shoulders of the ones up the wall and eventually pull them back down to the bottom. 

Events of the day express upon me that I am nearing the top of the bucket…

I feel the weight of the crabs down there trying to get to the top upon the sweat of my brow. 

To the bottom crab…

And you know who you are…

I did P90X all these years for such a day as this. 



8 thoughts on “Crabs in a bucket”

  1. I love hearing what you think about things, but I don’t understand this at all. Possibly I’m not supposed to. I hope you’re not mad at anybody. Your energy is for creating.

      1. Just hard for me to believe that anyone who knows you would wish you anything but good. After looking at Mary Lou’s on-point summary of your work, how can any thinking person not respect that? I have no idea how you do everything that you do. You know we wish you the wildest possible success. (I will look at this video, but Michele is right, don’t let the energy-thieves get you down.)

  2. Love this quote “The Best View Comes After The Hardest Climb.” Just keep climbing!!!

  3. John, Looking over your long, varied, incredible career, it seems to me you have climbed out of the bucket many times before…Whether it was for a TV acting career, (Dukes, Smallville, HAHN, etc.), a Broadway run (Grand Hotel) that lasted over a year with many other Broadway and off-Broadway shows (Chicago, Oklahoma, etc.), or your singing career having achieved 4 number-one hits and numerous albums, or your philanthropic prowess in co-founding CMNH and others, you have catapulted over the bucket! Now you have entered into another facet of your life; you bought a huge tract of land and improved it by building it into a working movie studio in a short time and having amassed 5 movies and other projects, you have more than punched a hole in the bucket! You have often written “onward,” expressing your determination and stick-to-it-tiveness, and you have gone off into another direction that no one could have predicted. Keep expanding your horizons and enjoy your ride!

  4. John after all these years you should know you will always find those naysayers. Always someone to put you down because they didn’t make the same commitment as you did to get to where you are today. You put in the work to make it to the top, flex those muscles and hold your head high and don’t look back at those who “should have, could have and would have” if they had only known.

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