The true artist formerly known as…

Few people leave a mark. 

Some leave a stain…

But few a mark. 

I am thankful for his music. For the sound he sent reverberating through our lives. 

It’s still there even though the originator of the sound has “left the building.”

You will be missed. What you were working on will be missed. Your sounds to come are for only you to hum. To whistle. 

Thank you for sharing your sounds with us all. 

We miss you. 


He’s out there

Great response to Anderson Bench last night. 

One couple in the second row center were perfect. He had questions about actions and motivations and she answered them all.  

 I think it’s a good sign when all the questions in the audience can be answered by members of the audience. 

Another said “I was ready to get up and run for the door from ten minutes in. But I couldn’t”

People were shocked, angered, surprised, saddened and enraged. 

In a word… They “felt” the film. 

Good job Anderson! I’m proud of you!!

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Crabs in a bucket

Did you know that you don’t need a lid on a bucket of crabs to keep them contained?

The crabs at the bottom will climb on the shoulders of the ones up the wall and eventually pull them back down to the bottom. 

Events of the day express upon me that I am nearing the top of the bucket…

I feel the weight of the crabs down there trying to get to the top upon the sweat of my brow. 

To the bottom crab…

And you know who you are…

I did P90X all these years for such a day as this.