Warm because..

It occurred to me over my 6th cup of coffee this morning that you can’t make a movie that everyone will like. 

If you make anything that everyone likes you haven’t really made anything at all. 

Think about the political candidate who tries not to offend anyone. The only way you can not offend anyone is to not say anything. 

In my day there were three distinct networks  with three distinct personalities.  Now there are some who have personality but even they are trying to “push their envelope” and “appeal to a broader audience.” Most are trying to please people they’ve never met and producing content that they not only don’t understand but wouldn’t watch themselves. 

To thine own self be true. 

I say that we/you/me/I have been given one voice. One evolving and ever changing, however gradually, perspective from which to speak. 

The films Alicia and I have a voice. A perspective. 

They are not ment for everyone. They are not a “wide net.”

They are, instead, a single, focused expression of a dark corner of life that we are all familiar with but would, for some reason, rather not speak of in mixed company. 

They may not be for you. Likely they won’t. But to whomever they strike a cord… It will strike that cord clean and true. They will”Hit the nail right on the head” and not nearly deliver a “Glancing blow.”

Partake in the JSS/Maven brand if you dare. Know that the water is warm and that there are things under the surface that will make you uncomfortably comfortable with your own decay. 

Don’t worry… If one of them offends you, I won’t be offended. I would rather elicit a negative emotion than no emotion at all for we are truly independent… Focused.. Expressive. 

The views and opinions expressed in these films are the views and opinions of us. We aren’t going to put the blame on the nameless few. 

Watch them if you dare. Enjoy them if you can. Criticize them if you must. 

Hop in. The water is warm. But not because we heat it. It’s warm because…



7 thoughts on “Warm because..”

  1. I have yet to see any of you films in their entirety, but I enjoyed the trailer for Smothered immensely! At the moment my computer has no sound, so I can’t check out Anderson Bench very well, but I’m very intrigued by other peoples’ responses. I have a question that I hope you don’t take as criticism. Do you, Alicia, or anyone else you’re working with have any stories with a female lead? I can relate to Alicia’s past of escaping a drug addled husband and being a single mom. Not easy! Women are just as complex, deep, dark, and intriguing as men. If you (or anyone else) hasn’t thought of it yet, I hope I’ve planted a seed! I still think you’re in a good place and heading in the right direction. Keep doing what you love, make no apologies, and keep kicking ass!

  2. You may not want to admit that you have a flair for genius, but in fact with all your talent, you really do posses a dynamic mind. I know there is a lot of controversy about your latest foray into horror, dark, and psychologically questionable movie themes. However, the multi-faceted aspects of that genius overflows into many other places. While many of your long-time, loyal fans, love the “good ole boy,” in you, I realize that you have much more to offer. Back in the 1920s when Albert Einstein proposed his space-time theories, the mainstream community thought he was “unbalanced.” His genius took off in another direction that wasn’t the norm. If you feel your new brand of JSS/MAVEN provides controversial subject matter, and it makes you happy to reveal the “dark corners” of the human psyche, then there is no apology needed. A few years back, you wrote and directed “Collier & Co.,” which delighted your fans. Today, you are offering a whole new kind of genre that many fans may not understand, but if you desire to make these films, then fulfill your dreams or nightmares. Your fans will always stick by you!

  3. John you will never please everyone so you may as well please yourself. I love how you are giving far warning to everyone this is not going to be all unicorns and butterflies. You are no longer that 18 year old breaking into the business, now it the time to let everyone see just what you can do on your own. You have some amazing stories to share with the world. At first I was standoffish with Smothered because I’m not a horror fan, but after seeing it I loved it. It all goes back to how I was raised, “you need to try it before having an opinion” so watch it first before passing judgment. Looking forward to seeing Anderson Bench sometime soon. Best of luck….

  4. Here is a simple little poem (part of a longer one) that has anchored me through the years:
    Some will hate you, some will love you
    Some will flatter, some will slight.
    Cease from man and look above you,
    Trust in God and do the right.
    (I have finally discovered something you are not wonderful at. You are the world’s worst speller. Do NOT waste time fixing mistakes, you have much more important things to do.)

  5. Very well said. For the most part I love your movies/stories, but in watching white hot I felt like I was watching Jim Cryer, don’t know if you wanted it that way but other than that I enjoyed it. I kind of like your dark side, makes you human more real and in touch. Living it so far.

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