Be well, my friend. 

Here we are on the eve of his escape. 

Many people working hard to get people to come bare wittiness and I truly appreciate all the work you have done. 

Soon the seats will be filled. The lights will dim… And dear old Anderson. Pliant Anderson. Dutiful Anderson will either sink or swim under the power of his own dilemma.  

 Wish him well. Wish, for him, strength. 

Wish upon his costars the courage to be as manipulative, cunning, nieve and childlike as they need be in order to tell this personal story of woe, joy, sacrifice and hatred. 

This story bred of some experience. Some desire. Some fantasy and some reality. 

We all wish you well Anderson. And Anderson wishes of all you, wellness to the Anderson within.

The part of you that wishes to fly with broken wings made well by the unexpected admiration of a stranger.  

 See you tomorrow my friend. Sleep well on this the last night of your obscurity. 




3 thoughts on “Be well, my friend. ”

  1. Wow…It’s great that you reveal so much in your writing. It makes it extremely interesting for your fans, John. Love it! As far as our friend, “Anderson” goes…we all do what we can do to survive. It’s a natural instinct. I’m more interested than ever in seeing Anderson Bench!

  2. Director John, I will assume you are writing about ANDERSON BENCH. Clever expressions and empathetic feelings seem to tug at your heart. I would hope Anderson will be out of his obscurity and find a home in some strange and wonderful places. Best of luck with AB.

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