Warm because..

It occurred to me over my 6th cup of coffee this morning that you can’t make a movie that everyone will like. 

If you make anything that everyone likes you haven’t really made anything at all. 

Think about the political candidate who tries not to offend anyone. The only way you can not offend anyone is to not say anything. 

In my day there were three distinct networks  with three distinct personalities.  Now there are some who have personality but even they are trying to “push their envelope” and “appeal to a broader audience.” Most are trying to please people they’ve never met and producing content that they not only don’t understand but wouldn’t watch themselves. 

To thine own self be true. 

I say that we/you/me/I have been given one voice. One evolving and ever changing, however gradually, perspective from which to speak. 

The films Alicia and I have a voice. A perspective. 

They are not ment for everyone. They are not a “wide net.”

They are, instead, a single, focused expression of a dark corner of life that we are all familiar with but would, for some reason, rather not speak of in mixed company. 

They may not be for you. Likely they won’t. But to whomever they strike a cord… It will strike that cord clean and true. They will”Hit the nail right on the head” and not nearly deliver a “Glancing blow.”

Partake in the JSS/Maven brand if you dare. Know that the water is warm and that there are things under the surface that will make you uncomfortably comfortable with your own decay. 

Don’t worry… If one of them offends you, I won’t be offended. I would rather elicit a negative emotion than no emotion at all for we are truly independent… Focused.. Expressive. 

The views and opinions expressed in these films are the views and opinions of us. We aren’t going to put the blame on the nameless few. 

Watch them if you dare. Enjoy them if you can. Criticize them if you must. 

Hop in. The water is warm. But not because we heat it. It’s warm because…



Be well, my friend. 

Here we are on the eve of his escape. 

Many people working hard to get people to come bare wittiness and I truly appreciate all the work you have done. 

Soon the seats will be filled. The lights will dim… And dear old Anderson. Pliant Anderson. Dutiful Anderson will either sink or swim under the power of his own dilemma.  

 Wish him well. Wish, for him, strength. 

Wish upon his costars the courage to be as manipulative, cunning, nieve and childlike as they need be in order to tell this personal story of woe, joy, sacrifice and hatred. 

This story bred of some experience. Some desire. Some fantasy and some reality. 

We all wish you well Anderson. And Anderson wishes of all you, wellness to the Anderson within.

The part of you that wishes to fly with broken wings made well by the unexpected admiration of a stranger.  

 See you tomorrow my friend. Sleep well on this the last night of your obscurity.