Goliath lied

Goliath was a big dude. David was not. 

Big things will get in the way of small things. Of the little engin that could.  

Entering into the world of filmmaking and distribution is a little thing trying to play with the big boys. To beat them at their own game. 

It’s tough. 

Last time I tried that was when I put “Collier & Co. Hot Pursuit”!out in theaters and on DVD. 

Goliath promised me repayment. Wealth. Untold riches. 

He lied. 

He always lies. 

It’s his nature. 

There has to be a way around him. Another game to play. A different field. 

At JSS we have content that is as good (I think better) than anything out there. However… Conventional wisdom dictates that we have to jump into the sand box with Goliath in order to get our movies out to the public. 

I don’t know why my stories have to get out…

But they do. 

But I’m spoiled. Set in my ways. I don’t want to play in Goliath’s sand box. I want him to want to play in mine. 

Current technology has got to be able to handle getting around the bully. 

Ideas are welcome!



5 thoughts on “Goliath lied”

  1. Don’t give up John! Perseverance is key, we have to believe. It’s a tough world we live in. My husband handles most of our social media, but I know that Twitter and Instagram work much better than Facebook. Facebook is good for tiny video clips, so maybe more of that might help spread the word? Also, your social media posts need to be constant, so that there’s more of a chance the right people will happen to notice you, otherwise your work will get lost in the search engines.
    We loved “Smothered” when you screened it at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte a few years ago! We’ve tried to get the word out to our readers and will continue to support any of your other projects if you keep us posted.
    Wishing you lots of strength and the very best!
    (“Curly”) Sue, with Halloween Daily News

  2. John, you already know the end of the story. Who won? It’s more than the size of the loudest mouths with the biggest egos. It all depends on Who is on your team. Am I right?

  3. Director John, Hollywood is inherently a bully game. He who has the money has the power. As an independent filmmaker, you will always find it difficult to work with the bully. I don’t know anything about the politics of moviemaking, but what I observe is that the big studios still wield the power for distribution both domestic and international. Without changing your ideals, can you find other powerhouses of wealth to back you? Is it better to look into the TV arena rather than the more difficult stand-alone movies? I support JSS always and hope you will find success in all your projects.

  4. I am truly doing everything I can on this end. You are a brilliant film maker and there will come a time when Goliath comes begging and bowing before YOU! That day will come and people will begin to understand the vision!

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