Goliath lied

Goliath was a big dude. David was not. 

Big things will get in the way of small things. Of the little engin that could.  

Entering into the world of filmmaking and distribution is a little thing trying to play with the big boys. To beat them at their own game. 

It’s tough. 

Last time I tried that was when I put “Collier & Co. Hot Pursuit”!out in theaters and on DVD. 

Goliath promised me repayment. Wealth. Untold riches. 

He lied. 

He always lies. 

It’s his nature. 

There has to be a way around him. Another game to play. A different field. 

At JSS we have content that is as good (I think better) than anything out there. However… Conventional wisdom dictates that we have to jump into the sand box with Goliath in order to get our movies out to the public. 

I don’t know why my stories have to get out…

But they do. 

But I’m spoiled. Set in my ways. I don’t want to play in Goliath’s sand box. I want him to want to play in mine. 

Current technology has got to be able to handle getting around the bully. 

Ideas are welcome!