Anderson Bench

As I sit and watch this film (Paul and I are mixing sound) I can’t help but wonder if people will forgive the demons in my head that insisted this story escape.  

 An academy award winning actor friend of mine said of “Anderson:”

Are you sure you want to inflict this story upon your family?

Only time.. and you… will tell. 

Some stories can’t be contained. Like rust on a quarter panel, if not addressed, it will eventually destroy the whole vehicle. 




3 thoughts on “Anderson Bench”

  1. BETTER TO LET THEM ALL OUT! If not you will have to start installing doors in your brain and fantasy worlds with giant domes to keep them contained. Then massive traps in case they escape and have to listen to recordings of guardians to put them away. hmmmmm…how did I think up that? Seriously, fantasy and reality are different. You are killing characters and not your neighbors, friends or family!

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