11 thoughts on “Proud to live in a civilized, forward thinking state”

  1. I’m not totally familiar w/ the bill as I am not from LA, but shouldn’t private businesses be protected from having to go against their personal beliefs? Thanks

    1. That’s a tough one. As a people we have been fighting a battle against discrimination from one group over another for decades.
      I also don’t believe a gay person is going to force themselves into an uncomfortable situation.

      1. John. I am a lifelong fan of the Dukes. I know the show did not have an agenda and it did not set out to make political statements. But, the show did promote family values whether intentional or not. As for Gay people not forcing their way into anything, they already are. There was a small bakery that did not want to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because of their religious convictions. The gay couple took them to court. The court ruled against the bakery and awarded $80,000.00. The small family owned bakery was forced out of business. I don’t see that as just or fair. I see that as discrimination against Christians. There were other bakeries that they could have used. I don’t want to treat gay people badly or unfairly but we are a nation that claims to have religious freedom. I am an ordained minister and a police officer in Tennessee. I may have to go to jail for refusing to do gay weddings. How is that just?

      2. This reminds me of a story where Walmart refuses to make a cake with a rebel flag in it because of the controversy.
        I don’t believe God is going to judge a family for making a cake for a gay couple. If, in the eyes of God, the gay couple is in the wrong then that’s between God and the gay couple. I don’t believe it is for us to judge.
        Now… If we truly “hate” someone for their difference be it a design or a choice… I believe that is our problem, not theirs.
        My walk with God is complicated enough without my trying to enforce my beliefs on others.

      3. Respecting a person’s beliefs goes both ways. The bakery can respect the gay couple’s choice of lifestyle without being hateful, and politely turn away a business opportunity if it is against their convictions to support the customer’s moral choices. Likewise, the couple can respect the bakery’s choice of convictions without being hateful, and politely find another bakery to give their business to, if it is against their convictions to support the bakery’s religious choices. Prejudice goes both ways.

  2. I agree with your governor. These people who claim to be Christians, need to read their Bibles and not go by just what they have been taught. And, I didn’t realize that a person’t sexual orientation affected their job performance. This country is beginning to take things way too seriously!

  3. Our society has to pass laws to protect other and sometimes it upsets me how we cannot just accept each other for who we/they are. As a former nursing mom, I was faced with similar issues as to where I could feed my child .Yet we do have similar laws for nursing mom, but you still faced discrimination, I wish more people would just focus on living a good life, being kind to one another, maybe we would not have to spend so much time on passing laws about where someone can go to the bathroom or an employer employing someone who is not like the boss the company’s view on how one “should be”.
    I am happy more states are accepting the idea to accept people for who they are and how they chose to live. Just sad that so much time and energy is on these issues think about how much could be accomplished if law makers and our government leaders focused on real issues, how to help those who cannot put food on the table to feed there family or sleeping on the streets or in their cars with no place to call home just to name a few.

  4. My state of Illinois supports the LGBT community. One of the few things that makes me proud of my state.

  5. “We are fortunate enough to live in a state that is rich with diversity, and we are built on a foundation of unity and fairness for all of our citizens,” said Gov. Edwards. “We respect our fellow citizens for their beliefs, but we do not discriminate based on our disagreements.” Indeed, we respect people who may be “different” but this country was built on the rights of INDIVIDUALS. Thank you! It’s a disgrace that N Carolina’s governor could not do what Georgia’s Gov. Deal and what Louisiana Gov. have had the courage to do.

  6. I’m proud of your Governor and proud of you as well! I always knew what a wonderful, open-minded and accepting person. I wish more people were. Thanks for being a good example and using this platform for spreading love and acceptance of our fellow citizens.

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