The end of social intercourse

I am saddened and shocked to hear of the events in New Orleans last night. 

Another voice silenced. 

Another conversation ended. 

A husband gone. 

A daddy will miss his children’s life. Their future. 

And they him. Every day. Every night. Every moment. 

Violence begins when conversation ends.

The first shot fired by the first to run out of ideas. 

Let’s talk to one another. 




Maybe then we won’t be so fast to pull a trigger. 

I didn’t know you, Will. But I miss you already. 



11 thoughts on “The end of social intercourse”

  1. Another reason added to why I love you John Schneider. Someone you have never met and you care. (That’s the story of my life, right. ?)You have a heart of gold. I noticed that from the moment we met 35 years ago. Keep Smiling.

  2. JOHN, New Orleans, is my home. This is why I ran away. Thirty five years have come and gone but the crimes are still piercing. Your words are so powerful. You heart is so full. You’ve posted more reasons to love you.

  3. The problems of road range have been mounting for years. Violence to settle an argument always ends badly. Now a family and extended friends are in mourning over a senseless. Act. Mr. Smith was about to inducted in the Hall of Fame in the Fall. He will be missed, but remember always to resolve conflicts the intelligent way.

  4. I know how it feels. I lost my brother who was 42 , my mother after, my cousin then my grand father. My world is already spiraling downhill. So I will keep this person and there family in my prayers. Maybe they will find strength were I could not.

  5. It seems the art of communicating is almost dead. People have become immune to the presence of others and no longer see people as people. Life is not like a movie where you shoot someone and they yell CUT and go to the next scene. I think people are too impulsive and desensitized to their moral responsibilities. REST IN PEACE!!!

  6. This news is new to me I’ve been cleaning today had no idea whats going on in the world till I checked my email and saw this. Communication is so important! Yes John, We really need to talk to each other. I think the reason people have stopped talking to other especially strangers is a trust issue. I know for me it is, I talk to strangers when I somehow relate to them but people now days don’t know who is a psychopath and who’s not. Causes social anxiety in us especially people who have been burned after trusting I said I have to go and read about this hope I’m not off track from the topic.

  7. Very true, conversations do end when shots are fired. Angry people never have well though out ideas. A very sad ending to any life. People need to take a breath and step back, all to often we are stuck in our own worlds that we miss our actions impacting others or the lasting results of actions in hast. Time to morn the loss of life and pray for all those impacted. PEACE

  8. Sadly, every time you ruin the news, you hear about this kind of incident. I’m beyond dumbfounded.

  9. It is sad how society has become. Senseless violence ending lives that have not been lived to the fullest. Our associate pastor kinda hit on that this morning…..Ephesians 4:31 & 32. Basically, be kind to one another.
    We have enough people dying of cancer, heart attacks, and so forth without murder.

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