Curve balls

Life throws you some curve balls every now and then. 

You have two choices really…

Sit and bitch and moan about curve balls… 

 Or learn to hit the suckers better. 

I’ve been hitting curve balls lately. Some even go over the fence!

Getting good at it. 

How about you?

How you hittin’em these days?




#GetSmothered right here! 

10 thoughts on “Curve balls”

  1. Here’s a good link to INDICAN PICTURES:
    Director John, You have been through many of life’s ups and downs. Life is a series of disappointments dimpled with happiness and peppered with fun. We have to take it all, just like meal, some of it is for nourishment, some we leave, and the rest is for enjoyment. Knowing you, I’m sure you will make the best of it and throw out what you don’t need. Blessings always.

  2. After I get back up from the curve ball hitting me in the face, I’ll go from there. Got any Ibuprofen? 🙂

  3. Well I’m still working on my skills lol but when I do overcome an obstacle Its because I know there’s a process to get what I need. To get to Tampa I have to get my keys,gas the truck, turn the right direction.
    how do I make money baby sitting isnt lasting im gonna sell organic tea haha

  4. Talk about a curve ball! I can’t find John Schneider’s Smothered on DVD anywhere! I have 31 movies on DVD with you, sweet man, John Schneider, in them and I would love for John Schneider’s Smothered to be in my collection to be #32. I’ve already tried the usual websites, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. Can anyone help? I’d love to know where I can order it!

    Liz Landes

  5. You will never be elected president of the Bitch-and-Moan Club.
    My toughest curve was blindness. After about two weeks, I decided that looking back to the things I could no longer do was a big mistake, and I had to focus (hmm . . .) on what I could do. And I learned that there are seasons in life for all different things. I still get a little frustrated at times, but I choose to focus. My blindness is not the most important thing about me. Who I am and what I can do for other people, that’s most important.

    1. My curve balls are making it just to the fence. One of those curve balls just won’t go away, no matter how many times I swing at it. But, I am hoping it will eventually find it’s way over the fence and into space.

  6. I’m always prepared for anything. Life is full of curve balls. It’s the knuckle balls I hate! I’m glad you like your birthday present. It was a lot of fun to make!!

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