I always thought he was smarter than that…

If you have vision…

Remember we were talking about vision the other day?

You have to stick with it. Don’t alter your vision because other people can’t see it.  

 Doing that will dilute your vision and make it U recognizable in the day that the right person/company/distributor comes along. 

Stay the course. Stick with the program. Don’t try to be something that someone else wants with personally or personally (more on that personal some other time). 

Think rather that the people you are trying to attract will, possibly, eventually rise up to your level. 

I auditioned for a Rob Reiner film a bunch of years ago. I auditioned for Rob himself. 

I love Rob. 

I didn’t get the role. 

My first thought was “Damn. I always thought Rob was smarter than that!”

Stay the course.

You have to have a target… So you know when you hit it!



here is the link to all of our JSS/Maven trailers: dreamhere.instapage.com 

Rocket Surgery 

I did this video before there was anyplace to show it. 

First EVER country music video! CLICK HERE!

My label, MCA, said it was fun but a waste of money because “Videos will never have anything whatsoever to do with the sale of country music.”

These were two of the smartest guys in the business at the time. Jimmy Bowen and Bruce Hinton. 

I bring this up because many people are discouraged by people who are supposed to be “experts” in any particular field. 

Hear me when I say: Experts don’t know squat. 

If you have a vision.. Follow it. 

If you don’t have a vision… Find one. 

The world needs visionaries!

And no matter what the experts say… It’s not rocket surgery!!

Be one. 



Here is the link to all the trailers: dreamhere.instapage.com 

Never Too Late

Had a screening of “Hate Crime” last night at JSS. 

So proud of Chasen’s work in it. He did a great job. Moving, energetic, thoughtful. 

Everyone had a blast. Great food, wine, water, conversation.  

 So delighted to be doing this. It’s never to late to enjoy yourself, your surroundings and your company. 


And here’s the news flash..

You deserve it!

Are you enjoying yours?