Walk a mile in their shoes 

I am appreciative of all the kind words regarding not only the film Smothered but my post about the state of the state of Georgia.  

I believe that life is hard. It’s work. It’s tough. I also believe it’s worth it. 

I know that everyone is busy getting by. Following dreams. Paying bills. Doing what they have to do in order to make it through the day, as best as they can, for themselves and their family.  

 I know that there’s always “Too much month left at the end of the money.”

That’s why I am surprised by those who take time out of their daily struggle to be critical of someone who is trying to defend a group of people who are under attack. 

I don’t like it when groups of people are attacked. 

I don’t like it when I’m attacked. 

How is it that some are doing everything they can to get through the day without screwing something up while others have so much free time that they can develop, nuture and express publicly feelings of hatred toward something or someone or a group of somethings or someones that they aren’t a part of. 

I don’t believe I have to be a part of a group in order to protect that groups’s rights as human beings. 

I do believe, however, that I do need to be part of a group in order to ear the right to be critical of the group. 

A wise man once said “Walk a mile in their shoes.”

Until you’ve walked in mine…

You know the rest. 

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14 thoughts on “Walk a mile in their shoes ”

  1. I think that people judge and criticize because it’s EASY. In the list of the gifts of the Spirit, there is no gift of judging and criticizing. The gifts are love. joy, peace, etc. These things are much more challenging and require thought and effort. When we find ourselves having an opinion about something, we need to just stop and ask: Is this my business? And if it isn’t, then we know we are just doing the easy thing. And if it is, then please have a well-thought-out opinion. John, that’s where your example is helpful.
    PS: I have seen Smothered. We need to talk.

  2. I cannot believe that North Carolina has now done just the opposite of Gov. Deal in GA. NC is not allowing individual rights in their state now. When will these leaders uphold the Constitution?

  3. John, I am not part of the LGBT group either and do my best not TY o judge others. That is not my job. I also have concerns about the government having a say in whom we can love and marry. It may start with this group but if we ignore it, where will it end? Will they next ban interacial, interfaith, intercontinental or marriages of people from other countries? If an atheist Scotch/Irishman hadn’t married a French Canadian Catholic 22 years his junior a few generations back, I wouldn’t be here!! Keep speaking out John!!

  4. I love how you can still sell your product after offering philosophy and criticism of…whom? Members of the public? Perhaps not such a large class as that, if I read you correctly.

    I am probably misperceived too often as being critical of the rich, but as you pointed out, I belong to that group…in an arguable way, and so have something to say about it. I have a few dollars every so often that I use to enrich my ability and outlook to create things, ostensibly to create paintings, but in reality to do everything that is needed to keep myself thinking (the greater creative project), at a pace, most of the time, that respects what I have to work with.

    My criticism, as it goes, is only vaguely directed toward specific people, as most of the time they are merely a symptom of a greater illness. More precisely, the criticism addresses the questionable defense of a system, our system, that has become unbalanced (once again), which appears to have lost the necessary scientific awareness necessary to make rationally appropriate decisions, not just for our future, on this continent, but for the future of everything on this planet. We’re just too damn good at doing things not to pay attention to this.

    Of all the ills I try to describe for people, Global Warming is perhaps the most serious. It requires a government unmoved by the lure of profit if we are to see the problem accurately, and to form a safe and achievable plan of action. Business as usual is not that plan. Creative thinking has everything working against it for something as large as this, but when has that ever stopped the scientists and artists of our known history?

  5. I am beyond mortified at how people stand in judgment of others. People that live in glass houses should not throw stones. I love that you are an honest man that shares his true opinion. You have this thing called INTEGRITY and do not back down from what you believe in. It seems to be a loss characteristic in today’s society. Opinions from people change with the wind, people are worried about conflict so do not stand up for what they belong in. There are all kinds of people in this world and they all deserve respect and to be treated with human decency. I remember after my accident I was told I needed to live in darkness. How dare anyone ever try to make someone feel less because they are not what they perceive as perfect or the NORM! Bless the people that live their life from TRUTH, HONESTY and INTEGRITY!!!! BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT! A label is just that… a label and not who a person is. People can be real but don’t need to be cruel. Learn to love and respect one another and quit tearing people down to make yourself look better. To those of you that have been truly hurt by this whole issue, I am so saddened as I would gladly be by your side any day at any time. I know John would too. Thank’s John for SPEAKING OUT and not worrying about what MEDIA says. Thanks for showing support to everyone that needs it and deserves it.

  6. Very well said Mr. Schneider, seems to be the way of this new world. So not right. Glad your overcoming all of your own negativity as of late. Keep the faith its all we can do. Onward.

  7. John it takes a strong person to stand up and speak out when others are attacking. You have done it all to often, and you are right no one should be judged or attack for their lifestyle or beliefs. The one thing I see time and time again, is a true bully can always find the time to put others down while trying to stand on their so called views. We are not here to judge others but to build others up. A strong, wise person sees the strengths in others and supports when they can. The big picture is more then just religion, or race or gender roles. The big picture is we are not here on this earth to judge others but to learn to live in PEACE

  8. Unfortunately, John, some people don’t have any direction in their life and they waste their time…criticizing other people and lashing out in general. I guess they’re “trying to make themselves feel better” but what they should be doing, of course, is getting a life.

  9. John I can’t tell you enough how amazing I think you and your family are. It is a wonderful sign of the state of things when people like yourself find a voice to help those who you don’t identify with but are capable of understanding. Yes there are some in all groups that give others a bad name, LGBT people are Christians too, and just because some Christian churches are full of judgement doesn’t mean that all Christians are not capable of showing love and respect to all that are different. We cannot keep silent when we see injustice anywhere if we truly want this country to be great. You my friend are a modern day Will Rogers.

  10. Hi John,

    “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” ~ Henry Thomas Buckle/Eleanor Roosevelt

    Not that I have a great mind or anything, but I choose to be in the first category…one who discusses ideas. New ideas are not only more interesting, but they have the potential to change the world.

    I do like and agree with what you’ve said, “I don’t believe I have to be a part of a group in order to protect that group’s rights as human beings.” The word that comes to mind is, COMPASSION. I think the world as a whole would be a better place if we all had more compassion.

    So in supporting the fulfillment of your new idea, I’ll be watching SMOTHERED this weekend. My “new idea” is now gaining momentum and I’m in the midst of a producer-recommended rewrite of my project. I’m hopeful for the future collaboration of both our ideas and talents. I’ll be in touch.


    Steve Gallie

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