I was wrong

I made a mistake. 

I spoke too soon. 

I was wrong. 

I have been saying that you had to wait to get John Schneider’s Smothered until Tuesday the 29th but I just checked with iTunes and John Schneider’s Smothered is available NOW!

Here is a link: 

Smothered by John Schneider


Or just click on the poster down there to go directly to the page!


The Movie that will change the horror world forever!

I am more excited than I could possibly express. 

Here is what I’m told happened… The demand for Smothered was so great after WondorCon in Los Angeles this weekend that someone decided to make it available NOW rather than wait!

  • Cool, scary, Smothered beans, right?!

Filmmaking is a team sport to be sure… But the idea starts with a spark of inspiration that has to be carried through to completion and distribution by a stubborn, pig headed, dreamer who won’t take “Hell NO” for an answer. 

That would be me. 

Here’s another link: https://play.google.com/store/movies/details/Smothered?id=9PPB7AYswYo&hl=en

To all of you who are asking how to get it… Simple. Here’s a list of VOD and Retail outlets out there who are carrying it: 

Here’s my wish… Download the film, watch the film and then get the DVD. Also review and rate the movie wherever you order it from! VERY IMPORTANT!!

Here’s why:

The only way for Smothered to make a statement to the powers that be in the distribution world is through sales. Everyone in the distribution world is watching how new titles do through VOD (Video On Demand). 

Here’s a link to Amazon Prime: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01D5FZ768/ref=mp_s_a_1_1/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&dpID=51pVILLmR9L&dpPl=1&keywords=smothered%20movie&pi=SY200_QL40&qid=1459113086&ref=plSrch&sr=8-1

If they do well… Getting subsequent distribution and perhaps even theatrical distribution (Movies for popcorn) will be that much easier. 

Simple enough. 

I am working out a deal with Indican where I can get a limited number of the DVD’s to make available to you that I can offer autographed. Please note the word “Limited.”

Those sales are internal and DON’T go into the tally to count as legitimate sales so PLEASE DON’T wait to get your copy that way as it WON’T help the cause!

I will keep you posted on when I’ll have those available but please do the VOD and and then wait for an autographed copy. 

The price of the autographed copy will likely be $40.00

I am trying to work a deal subtract the cast members can have copies on the road to sell at their personal Appearences. Please check THEIR sites for availability. 

Here’s to Smothered!

Go and order your VOD of “John Schneider’s Smothered” at one of those outlets up there TODAY!



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Here is the latest review from Fangoria!

Exclusive trailer, release info: All-star slasher satire “SMOTHERED”


10 thoughts on “I was wrong”

  1. I have seen Smothered on VOD. I really want an autographed copy. so will be watching for that. I need my own copy because I have a jillion questions and need to see it again. And I am a non-horror fan who just wanted to see your brain at work.

  2. Director John, I’m not surprised, I’ve been watching Smothered for a few days from ATT-Uverse. I’ll buy it from the retail sellers, but I much prefer to obtain the DVD from you and get your autograph on the DVD. Thanks for the update. Onward! Best of everything to you! Make more movies for your fans and next time, SiNG in them! Thanks.

  3. What a fantastic early birthday gift. If you are ever in arkansas there is a little town called eureka springs. Population of around 2000. That would be another great place to do some work or just to get away. Great scenery, the people are down to earth and they have really great resturants. Also, happy early birthday! Have a wonderful one.

  4. What a sweet Easter treat, I can’t wait to hear what fans have to say about this first movie you have released. Many more to come, “ONWARD” John

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