A Major Setback

I am amazed by what’s happening in Georgia. 

This is the state that brought us the AIDS quilt in the 80’s and hosted the first gay pride parade I ever remember seeing. 

Personally I think Life is too short and too difficult to take time out of the struggle to discriminate against anyone for their lifestyle. 

That this legislation is even being considered is a travisty that will likely set the state back several decades. 

Watch this before you react: http://youtu.be/55W9TnanyIY

Regarding Georgia politics:

It’s sad. 

It’s mean spirited. 

It’s ignorant. 

What is your opinion?

12 thoughts on “A Major Setback”

  1. Quote: “I no longer hold many opinions I had when I was younger”. Well said, John. Maya Angelou also said it so eloquently: “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”
    I hope that we all continue to learn better and do better throughout our lives. Sadly, there are many who will stick with their old, bitter and prejudiced mindsets forever. I feel it is our duty to continually educate and show through example just what a decent, caring society looks like. I believe that you, John, have always spent your own life doing just that. Thank you for keeping hope alive for all who have a rough row to hoe. from: Mom of Mark from Canada.

  2. I do have a question that the trailer for “Hate Crime” reminded me of after viewing it. John, do you still stand by your opinion that you stated on Bill Maher’s talk show “Politically Incorrect” on April 1, 1998, that when it comes to public restrooms that there should be separate ones for gays and one for straights if you are now saying discrimination is wrong? Just wondering, is all.

    1. Hopefully people grow and change. I have done both.
      Guests were encouraged to start debate with interesting perspectives on that show. I have noticed BTW that many restaurants no longer designate between male and female restrooms. I imagine that is a matter of economics.
      I no longer hold many opinions I had when I was younger. In fact, I may hold a different opinion today about something that I was holding strong to yesterday.
      Hopefully we all experience that.

      1. John, I believe it is wise to be able to change one’s mind as time goes on and more information is available. Each decision we make IS based upon that available information we have received at that time. Times do change. You may have the same morals and sense of right and wrong, but opinions about events can easily change due to unseen circumstances. That is what life is about…continual change, and hopefully for the better.

      2. Thank you John for answering my question. And yes, I agree, people can change their views/opinions at any time as often as they want. I know that I’ve done so over the years as I’m just a little over two years younger than you.

  3. When it comes to politics I walk a quite line as a state employee. Do I agree with it NO, do the people of Georgia have the ability to speak to their leaders YES. Do the residents of Georgia really know what is going on is the real question. I see it all to often here in Jersey, the majority of the votes are unaware of what is going on or bills trying to be passed. (Most of the nation was unaware of all the issues we have with our governor yet people were voting for him) If people are so busy with their own personal lives they do not know this is happening. Issues like this need to be spoken about before anyone can vote or sign off on it. Uninformed voters need to be informed if not it will always be politics as usual, only those who are affected know the truth.

  4. HATE CRIME is a movie of timely interest in the acknowledgement of those people whose alternate lifestyles seem to “upset” other people. The Pope has been quoted as saying, “Who are WE to judge?” And it’s such a travesty that in 2016 the states of Georgia and North Carolina have legislators who are so blinded by fear and bigotry that they cannot understand what is going on in the lives of good and honest people. How can anyone tell another person whom to love? John, Thank you for posting your blog and for taking such an important role in Hate Crime. We must be always aware of the people we vote for represent our interests.

  5. Totally agree. We can’t say we are a truly free nation until everyone living here has every protected freedom it offers.

  6. I think it is very sad and disheartening that people’s acceptance of each other is so low. Life is too hard and too short to have hatered towards those that have found happiness, just because it’s different from your beliefs is no reason to cause physical harm. Live your own life. If you can’t handle how others live their’s then look in the mirror and ask what’s wrong with THIS picture.

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