It’s been a week and we are still digging out from the devastation of a flood lasting a little more than 24 hours.

It’s ¬†amazing what water can do. It lifts things, moves them hundreds of yards and then gently puts them down.

From the sky on Sunday afternoon

It also rips them apart and scatters them in the grass.

It brings people in from Ohio to help with the tough work.

Traci, Gail, Steve and Richard. Jake took the photo. Thanks guys!

It moves tons of sand into the baseball field, fountains and under the house.

Stormy was happy to have Gravy back. They all like the new beach on the baseball field!

It turns electrical equipment into so much paper weight material. It renders lighting equiptment, sound equiptment and camera equiptment useless.

But it makes the grass grow, keeps the world alive and beautiful and it is home to millions of fish and creatures and the largest mammals in the world.

My friend is filming in Iceland. Lots of water there!

It destroyed much of what I call JSS… But it’s also why the studio is so beautiful.


I love it

I hate it.

I’m torn.



here is the link to all of our JSS/Maven trailers: image