Friends in need are friends indeed

It is wonderful to see what happens when the “stuff” hits the fan. 

As I write this my studio is getting deeper and deeper in water.  

 The river is supposed to “crest” tonight. 

Whatever that means…

I am away. Working in another state. 

I am useless to the cause. 

I don’t need to be. 

The outpouring of love, assistance and friendship I am seeing is heartwarming.  

 To all of you who are helping and those of you who truly wish you could…

Thank you!



6 thoughts on “Friends in need are friends indeed”

  1. I very rarely disagree with you. But for you to say you are useless to the cause? My dear, listen: You are never useless, not ever. Your gift of encouragement transcends time and space. And something of you is always there at JSS. That will be even more true after you have nursed the land back to health. It will be even more yours. (I hope you see these comments.)

  2. Speechless! How on earth do you comment on that! It’s happening more and more all over the world.

  3. John,
    So many of us have watched as you worked so hard to build the studio to the point it is at now. You also do so much for so many so why would people not want to come to help. Also it is in a person’s true time of need one learns who truly has your back in good times and bad. There will be damage to what extent to soon to know, but the good news is no loss of life including the dogs. That is the important part of the whole event. As a wise “Good OLD boy” told me, “this too shall pass” and you will move onward. Now you have a sense of what life is like in Passaic County NJ when heavy rains come through and don’t go away.

  4. i gope you guys are ok and were is Shirley is she safe ill pray for you and your mom ok be safe and be care i care alot about you ok
    bye bye john xxxxxxxxxxx

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