Look around you

Funny how most of my life has been more of a “culling out” or “spring cleaning” event than a “collecting more stuff” event. 

I’ll try to explain:

I find that most things I need, I already have. Strange thing is that most of those things I truly need in order to take the next “dream step” are covered up by a pile of things I don’t really need. 


For example:

I was once paying a big mortgage for a home in the Hollywood Hills and dreaming of having a place in the mountains. 

After paying too much for years and saving up for my dream I realized that what I wanted was actually much less expensive than what I already had. 

So I found a place in the mountains, put my expensive house on the market, sold it and bought my dream with the profit. 

“What I really wanted, I already had.”

Years ago I thought I needed others to bless my dream of telling stories with their financial assets.  

What I realized a year or so ago is that I have the friends, skill set and tools to do it without them. 

That’s what we are doing at JSS. 

“What I really wanted, I already have.”

In fitness you build a six pack under your outer layer and then uncover it with diet. Truth be known,everyone already has a six-pack under there. Getting one to show is not a matter of “adding” it’s a matter of “uncovering.”

How about you?

Do you already have what you want, the tools to build, acquire, shape and polish what YOU really want but they/it is covered up in a pile of things that are truly unnecessary?

Only YOU can answer the question. 

Ask it. It’s a good one. 

Chances are the answer will surprise you. 

“Everything I really want, I already have.”

Your job is to uncover it. 




Watching a child grow to an adult is an amazing thing. 

Watching three, four, five or six do the same is staggering. 

Guess I’m getting old. That’s something old people say. 

But since I said it…

There is a magic time in the lives of your children when the pecome… people. Not to say that kids aren’t people… But Thy really aren’t. They are… Kiddos, kiddies, little ones, cherubs…

You get the picture. 

But somehow… One day… You look up and the kiddies are gone. They have vanished and have been replaced with people. 

Hopefully good people. Happy people. People with hopes, dreams, realities and fantasies.

That’s what I saw yesterday. Here… Let me show you:

Six… People. Amazing… People! Grew up in different parts of the country under different circumstances and yet, they all made it to this spot, on this day, to celebrate, love and support that person with the flowers.


I proud of them. All of them. 

Where are your kiddies in the mix? Are they people yet? How does that feel?



Proud papa

Please share this everywhere today

Today is my daughter’s day. A day that brings the last several decades into focus. A day that brings tears of joy to my face. My heart… My soul. 

Today Leah is getting married. 

My little girl. 

My first. 

I want her to know how proud I am to be her dad. To have been chosen to enter into her life as a parent. As a cheerleader. As a friend.  

 I remember kitty cats named after cars, ponies that threw me off. Dogs big enough to ride and a calf named Saturday Night. I remember long talks and longer silences. Learners permits, late night movies, Halloween, Christmas, Easter and even a white trash going away party. 

I remember smiling, crying, laughing and gritting my teeth. I remember volleyball and graduations. Piano recital’s and softball. I remember “hey Mr. I’m waving!”

I remember love, life, learning. 

These past years have been difficult, easy, rewarding and amazing. 

They have been good, great, trying and fantastic. Being the “Father of the Bride” is, without a doubt, my proudest moment. 

I sit now, waiting for this afternoon when Jared will take her hand and say those wonderful words, “I do” with joy in my heart. 

Leah, I love you. Jared, I love you.

Today and the days hereafter belong to you both. Enjoy them. Devour them. Remember them. 

Hold one another dear. Honor one another. Respect one another and, above all, admire one another. 

I love you LaLee,


The Waiting Room

It’s amazing how life changes over the years. 

When I was a kid my mother brought me to the doctor and waited patiently for me in the waiting room. 

She read. Caught up on mail. Chatted with nurses and doctors. Grabbed a cup of coffee.  

 Now… All these years later. Here I sit. Having just caught up on mail… Read a few chapters in my latest fiction “Play Dead” by Ryan Brown, and am halfway through my afternoon coffee while mom goes through a hearing evaluation. 

I suppose it’s true… The more things change… The more things stay the same. 

Here’s to the waiting room!

Are you in it? How’s it going in there for you?