Look around you

Funny how most of my life has been more of a “culling out” or “spring cleaning” event than a “collecting more stuff” event. 

I’ll try to explain:

I find that most things I need, I already have. Strange thing is that most of those things I truly need in order to take the next “dream step” are covered up by a pile of things I don’t really need. 


For example:

I was once paying a big mortgage for a home in the Hollywood Hills and dreaming of having a place in the mountains. 

After paying too much for years and saving up for my dream I realized that what I wanted was actually much less expensive than what I already had. 

So I found a place in the mountains, put my expensive house on the market, sold it and bought my dream with the profit. 

“What I really wanted, I already had.”

Years ago I thought I needed others to bless my dream of telling stories with their financial assets.  

What I realized a year or so ago is that I have the friends, skill set and tools to do it without them. 

That’s what we are doing at JSS. 

“What I really wanted, I already have.”

In fitness you build a six pack under your outer layer and then uncover it with diet. Truth be known,everyone already has a six-pack under there. Getting one to show is not a matter of “adding” it’s a matter of “uncovering.”

How about you?

Do you already have what you want, the tools to build, acquire, shape and polish what YOU really want but they/it is covered up in a pile of things that are truly unnecessary?

Only YOU can answer the question. 

Ask it. It’s a good one. 

Chances are the answer will surprise you. 

“Everything I really want, I already have.”

Your job is to uncover it. 



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