Watching a child grow to an adult is an amazing thing. 

Watching three, four, five or six do the same is staggering. 

Guess I’m getting old. That’s something old people say. 

But since I said it…

There is a magic time in the lives of your children when the pecome… people. Not to say that kids aren’t people… But Thy really aren’t. They are… Kiddos, kiddies, little ones, cherubs…

You get the picture. 

But somehow… One day… You look up and the kiddies are gone. They have vanished and have been replaced with people. 

Hopefully good people. Happy people. People with hopes, dreams, realities and fantasies.

That’s what I saw yesterday. Here… Let me show you:

Six… People. Amazing… People! Grew up in different parts of the country under different circumstances and yet, they all made it to this spot, on this day, to celebrate, love and support that person with the flowers.


I proud of them. All of them. 

Where are your kiddies in the mix? Are they people yet? How does that feel?



2 thoughts on “Amazement”

  1. Mine’s 10 years ahead of herself!!!! And wraps me round her finger. I have no idea of how or who will make her happy,or how the twists and turns of life will affect the turn out. I give it my best shot to give her the standards and morals to make her pick the right person herself, so I don’t have to give the dreaded, ” dad to new boyfriend speech” !!!! We’ll see eh! Ha ha! I’ve made mistakes in my life, but if I made them so she don’t and it improves her life… …excellent! Congratulations to your daughter and her new husband and your families and to yourself Mr schneider.


  2. My real struggle right now is that my granddaughter is about to be 13. (13!) Same one who told me when she was a little girl, “I miss my baby-ness.” Now, she says to me so gently, “Grandmother, try not to think about it.” That’s my little filmmaker, with her green screen and her Youtube channel.

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