Proud papa

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Today is my daughter’s day. A day that brings the last several decades into focus. A day that brings tears of joy to my face. My heart… My soul. 

Today Leah is getting married. 

My little girl. 

My first. 

I want her to know how proud I am to be her dad. To have been chosen to enter into her life as a parent. As a cheerleader. As a friend.  

 I remember kitty cats named after cars, ponies that threw me off. Dogs big enough to ride and a calf named Saturday Night. I remember long talks and longer silences. Learners permits, late night movies, Halloween, Christmas, Easter and even a white trash going away party. 

I remember smiling, crying, laughing and gritting my teeth. I remember volleyball and graduations. Piano recital’s and softball. I remember “hey Mr. I’m waving!”

I remember love, life, learning. 

These past years have been difficult, easy, rewarding and amazing. 

They have been good, great, trying and fantastic. Being the “Father of the Bride” is, without a doubt, my proudest moment. 

I sit now, waiting for this afternoon when Jared will take her hand and say those wonderful words, “I do” with joy in my heart. 

Leah, I love you. Jared, I love you.

Today and the days hereafter belong to you both. Enjoy them. Devour them. Remember them. 

Hold one another dear. Honor one another. Respect one another and, above all, admire one another. 

I love you LaLee,


6 thoughts on “Proud papa”

  1. Such a beautiful and touching tribute to Leah! We should all think about our own families and be grateful for all the happy and challenging days. Seeing them grow, develop and become adults is such a cherished memory. Thank you for sharing your personal moments with us, John.

  2. The speach of his words is priceless and precious.. Best wishes Jared and Leah
    Love you John Aka Bo..

  3. That was beautiful John. Hope your daughter and, her new husband have a wonderful life together. Congratulations to you both.

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