The Waiting Room

It’s amazing how life changes over the years. 

When I was a kid my mother brought me to the doctor and waited patiently for me in the waiting room. 

She read. Caught up on mail. Chatted with nurses and doctors. Grabbed a cup of coffee.  

 Now… All these years later. Here I sit. Having just caught up on mail… Read a few chapters in my latest fiction “Play Dead” by Ryan Brown, and am halfway through my afternoon coffee while mom goes through a hearing evaluation. 

I suppose it’s true… The more things change… The more things stay the same. 

Here’s to the waiting room!

Are you in it? How’s it going in there for you?



11 thoughts on “The Waiting Room”

  1. I know how hard it is waiting and wondering. Believe me! Waiting on Allen to be out of his many surgeries up in Walter Reed was definitely the toughest. I’m so glad that she is there with you! Reading this post brings me back to when my mom was in hospital.Sending loving thoughts and prayers to you both!!

  2. I can certainly identify with being in the waiting room. I take my father for yearly eye and hearing checks. It being the VA, it turns into an all day venture. Funny how the tables turn and suddenly you’re the caregiver for your elderly parents. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  3. Hey Mr John schneider,

    Know exactly where you are coming from. It’s such a shame that waiting for the dukes of hazzard to be aired on TV, to find out it may never happen, due to some flag issue! So much of what you and everyone on the Duke set, has proven invaluable and never once forgotten in nearly 40 years! Had to buy the full set of dvds so I can get my 8 year old to appreciate what was important to me at her age. I wish to send you a massive thankyou for you and everyone you still have contact with for being a truly amazing part of my childhood.

    Best wishes
    Craig jinman

  4. I really admire you for taking such good care of your Mom, John. I did the same for my Mom and my older sister, June who was ill and always lived with us. You’re a good man, my friend, and a very talented artist. Have a great rest of the day!

  5. So glad to have you back writing again. And I hope your mom is well, she is such a special lady. You are so sweet to take such good care of her.

  6. John, One of the most endearing things I ever saw was when I was at your place during the Q and A before the Christmas show in 2014. You told everyone to “wait” while you attended to your mother and adjusted her hearing aids. You wanted to make sure she could hear all the comments before we proceeded. That small gesture of compassion and love made such a deep impression on my heart. Here you were a big star, a grown man, in the middle of a conference, yet, you stopped everything to assist your mother. God bless you always!

  7. I’m waiting rooms I have had good news, bad news and have had to entertain six children there. Sitting there, thoughts swim through your head and time seems to stand still. Each day, each moment is precious and I want to make a difference. God created me for a reason.. Just don’t know what it is yet

  8. I feel ya Mr.Schneider, going through some what of the same thing with my mother, I’m an only child so no one else to help. With my mom its a little more serious than hearing. Gives you alot of time to think. We must both be good children. God bless and stay safe.

  9. We done the same thing when we had our other dog Buddy he had surey cause our dog Snow white she was fiting with him and we had to take him so he can fix him so we had to leave him at the place , but now we dont have him or the others dogs cause the pass away and we both miss our dog and now we are trying to find another dog .

  10. you are so right my husband of 42 yrs had 30 surgeries in our 42 yrs he passed in 2010 at 61 i miss him so much i would gladly be in a room waiting for him to be back now its me waiting for doc. John i have admired you sense 1979 watch U in all hallmark & family shows u r awesome actor Gods Blessings Mary Castle from AZ

  11. John welcome to the sandwich generation (however your older then I and have been part of it for a while now I believe), and welcome to my world. Any child raised right will sit and wait for their elderly parent and make sure their needs are being addressed. You are correct this does become the time for you to play catch up on things while you wait, but it also becomes a time to reflect on the circle of life my friend. You yourself said it,

    “When I was a kid my mother brought me to the doctor and waited patiently for me in the waiting room.
    She read. Caught up on mail. Chatted with nurses and doctors. Grabbed a cup of coffee.”

    We reap with we sew and can only pray our children will do the same for use when it is our turn to be needed again in life. There is comfort in knowing we are not alone in tending to our parents when they need us the most. You are a very good son to take time out of your busy schedule to ensure your mom is well, hearing test or other. This is your unspoken way of telling her just how much you love her.

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