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It’s been kind of insane here at JSS these last few months. We did three films in 2015. A Shakespeare festival. A staged live radio show and a couple of concerts. Plus we saved part of a beautiful old theater in Baton Rouge and resurrected right here next to the barn.

Cool stuff.johnschneiderNewPic

Like I said… Crazy Busy!

But I’m a dreamer. I like to dream. Do it every day.

Are you? Do you? Should you?

I’m here to say that those who dream not.. live not.

If you don’t have a dream (and I bet you do but you allowed someone to cover it up with their blanket so you couldn’t find it) find one.

It will give you something to look forward to. Something to live for. Something to share with someone who cares. Who dreams.

I dreamed of being a storyteller. A filmmaker. And now… at 55 years young. I am. ere’s a cover of a magazine that’s coming out soon. I love it. It may scare some of you but remember that I believe a story should stir something up IMG_0279in the viewer. This image does that to me. Does it to you?

Try it.. you’l like it.


“Dream here”

Check out the films that have come out of JSS since dreams were allowed to grow!


11 thoughts on “JSS – Dream here”

  1. My dreams have faded to dust as my soul mate and I broke up on Wednesday of this week. Trying to dream with a broken heart is hard. Good luck with all your ventures. You’re a good man.

  2. Hello John,
    Pete Here Just wanted to say that I do dream a lot.
    tho sometimes those dreams come and go. My dream was to be in a film with you. And my Mom told me one time that is a nice dream tho it will never Happen. to hear something like that puts a damper on the dream.she passed away in 92.from cancer. I think I told you that when we met at new haven cabaret theater. doing Brigadoon.durning the summer. I would like to see my dream come true someday. even if its a small part. thanks for reading John Best Wishes Pete

  3. Ocuppying dreams…discomfiting, agonizing, but worth every grain of invested salt. Salvaged architecture can be magical and warm. My studio contains a 500 year old European Catholic choir or bishop pew, hand scrawled on its reverse with faint and mysterious Arabic writing. It gets used every day, serving as one of my work stations and providing a mount for several of the easeled drawing boards which adorn the room’s perimeter–had to be inventive to make it all work in a relatively small space.

  4. Hello John, my name is David Cox and current President of the Policy Jurj Association of Louisiana. We are a 64 Parish government body that works from the parishes to the State Capital on all key issues. Our state convention is March 3,4,&5. I have been a big support of fime and production in Louisiana and looking to new Governor to help. Would like to have a meeting with you and talk industry in Louisiana and maybe getting you to come to convention on Mar. 4 to speak on your new studios. I can come to you on a Friday or Saturday. This is a event that will have new officials working tax and tax credits for the State. Can we meet soon. Thanks for you time and consideration. David Cox President PJAL my cell is 318-393-7660.

  5. It is nice to see you back here ! It has been a while and we missed reading your posts. I hope you do it more often! About the post, I have always thought a life without a dream is useless, like having a car without a wheel, it just doesn’t make sense. No matter what your dream is or if everybody is against it and judges it, you have to believe in it, fight for it until the day you die! It may be stupid, impossible to other people but to us is the reason that keeps us moving. If somebody has to believe in your dream that person is you! I have seen how you have made your dreams come true, all the hard work, since the moment the studio was a project until now that is in business and I have seen all the progress you have done to it, to your dream, and all the awesome projects that have come from it! I am so happy and honored to have been close enough to see that and even been an extra in some of your movies. I am very proud of you and I know you will keep on making us proud!

  6. So great to see a new post here, and about something you really care about, and so do we! You have been missed. Thanks for taking the time to share. (Btw, that is a great picture, I love that one.)

  7. Alert: When I click on “Fairlight Films” I see a barrage of Chinese characters. When I switched to “translate into English,” I received a mish-mosh of strange language about supplements. I hope this can be fixed. My best to you always.

  8. Thanks for coming down here a making things happen! I’m glad you kept the old barn, as I used to spend time there as a young child as a camper!

  9. John, I am happy for your successes. Please stay healthy – even success brings stress on your mind and body. Your fans love to see you working. Hopefully, in the future you will write some TV shows or movies starring John Schneider. If you can work in singing, i.e. “26 Miles,” that would be the best for us all. Bless you!

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