JSS – Dream here

It’s been kind of insane here at JSS these last few months. We did three films in 2015. A Shakespeare festival. A staged live radio show and a couple of concerts. Plus we saved part of a beautiful old theater in Baton Rouge and resurrected right here next to the barn.

Cool stuff.johnschneiderNewPic

Like I said… Crazy Busy!

But I’m a dreamer. I like to dream. Do it every day.

Are you? Do you? Should you?

I’m here to say that those who dream not.. live not.

If you don’t have a dream (and I bet you do but you allowed someone to cover it up with their blanket so you couldn’t find it) find one.

It will give you something to look forward to. Something to live for. Something to share with someone who cares. Who dreams.

I dreamed of being a storyteller. A filmmaker. And now… at 55 years young. I am. ere’s a cover of a magazine that’s coming out soon. I love it. It may scare some of you but remember that I believe a story should stir something up IMG_0279in the viewer. This image does that to me. Does it to you?

Try it.. you’l like it.


“Dream here”

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