It’s My Nature

I know… I know… I haven’t been here in a very, very, VERY long time.

Life gets away with me. You?

Many things have been going on and most of them are great. Work, kiddo’s, studio, friends, projects…

They have all taken me away from this page and I am going to try and get back here more regularly. Certainly couldn’t be here less regularly! Right?!

I am really excited bout the film (trilogy) we did at the studio through the mentor program called “Like Son.” It stars Don Shanks from Smothered and is really quite amazing. It explores relationships of related law enforcement personelle in a very rough and ready way. No unicorns and puffy clouds in the movies we do here so… if you are squeamish..? Stay away!

Also… BIG STUFF here… “Collier & Co. – Hot Pursuit” is going to be available ON DEMAND this Friday night at 8:00 in honor of the original schedule of the Dukes Of Hazzard. It’s $4.99 and I’m trying to gets lots and lots of people to watch it at the same time to simulate the WORLDS LARGEST DRIVE IN!

Join the gang and watch this great family film on Friday just like you watched the Dukes in the old days. Even if you own a copy, please join in the fun. I’l be there at my place watching!

More to come. Hope you are well… working out and smiling as often as possible!

It’s my nature!