Things happen for a reason…

Whenever I hear that phrase I want to vomit.

Sorry… that’s just how it is. I’ve never thought much about it and as recently as yesterday I reacted negatively when somebody said it about something.

So… this morning when I was tired and going over my lines in the living room of the Cryer mansion (my living room in Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots) I sat down and put my script away. (There’s a fine line between knowing your dialogue well and too well. One breeds natural performance and the other breeds crappy “mirror” acting… in me, anyway).

I decide to read something else for a few minutes and notice a Fine Art magazine there on the coffee table.

For those of you in the “industry” you know that all of the magazines that are laying around on a set actually have fake “approved” covers and that what is inside can be most anything.

I need to back up to the long night before for a moment:

The reason I couldn’t sleep is that it hit me like a ton of bricks that “John Schneider’s Smothered” has yet to get distribution. I thought this movie would be out by now and printing thousand dollar bills for everyone who had anything to do with it. The test audiences have raved. The reviewers have called it “A love letter to the horror fan” and people who don’t like horror films have all said that they loved it.

That and $4.75 will get you a grande non-fat latte after waiting in a long line on any given morning.

So… I open this magazine and see a picture of a woman hiding behind a piece of furniture with creepy arms coming out of it.

“Interesting” thinks I. “This must be about a horror movie.”

Not just another pretty face. I’m pretty damn smart.

I read on…


“Oh great” thinks I. “At least somebodies horror film is printing those thousand dollar bills.”

Bitter..? A little. Disappointed..? Yeah. Embarrassed..? You bet your sweet bippy.

I read on about this film that has taken the industry by storm with it’s plot twists and fresh approach to the genre.

Then I saw it…

Remember what makes me vomit when I hear it? Now I’m going to actually SAY it… listen…

“All things happen for a reason.”

This is what I saw on the next page of this phony Fine Art magazine that had been sitting on this set for two seasons:

God is listening...
God is listening…

In case you can’t read it… allow me:

“We shot the film and had an amazing time, and then it disappeared for three years.”

Thanks, Universe… I needed to hear that. I guess all things do happen for a reason!

Final note… The Cabin in The Woods went on to make 66 million dollars. Way to go!


7 thoughts on “Things happen for a reason…”

  1. Just don’t give up on this like you have other things! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take inventory of all your endeavors. The ones that failed and the ones that didn’t. Also, ask yourself, “why,” they failed or not. I think you gave up too soon on, Collier & Co

  2. Ok, John….I’m going for some tough love here, (I think). You give up too easily. Collier & Co, for example! It seemed like you got rid of everything that had to do with making that movie. Almost like, you didn’t want to be reminded of it. There are other things, too. I pray you don’t make the same mistake with, “Smothered.” I’ve read the script. It’s a great movie! God doesn’t make things happen overnight in all cases. Take inventory of what you have done in your life & what you’ve given up on. See what balances out, and what doesn’t. And, why. I’ve supported you for over 30 years, and I know you can have what you want, IF you are patient! You may need a new strategy! Love you, always!

  3. hey john,

    you know what your tallking about I like the way it you put it things in sentances? and yes it does I beleve in that. take care,,,,,,

    love your fan theresa laforge

  4. Hi John,

    I’ll start by saying I DO believe “things happen for a reason”. But…… there is a HUGE difference between you admitting that to yourself and someone TELLING you that, isn’t there??

    You admitting that to yourself is OK. But someone TELLING you that is just plain annoying! It’s very weird. The same thing happened to me this past Monday, the 15th (No kidding!). My buddy at work told me that my last relationship failing “happened for a reason”. Well, I had already figured that out, but my buddy TELLING me made me very annoyed!

    I know damn well it “happened for a reason”! A REALLY good one. It needed to happen so I could make my life better! I’m happier, I’m taking better care of myself, and now losing weight. You’ve seen me mention on Facebook recently that I’m now down two sizes and continuing to lose more (you get some credit for helping to inspire me!). I do have a goal and I’m not there yet. I don’t think I’m too far off though. I promise to let you know when I get there.

    So yeah. I’m a big believer in “Things happen for a reason”. I admit that to myself. But I sure didn’t like someone else telling me that!

    But what is going on with distribution?? I’ve been telling most everyone I talk to about “Smothered”. Us, your readers, getting the word out may help. I must tell you, John, that all the women I’ve told think it’s GREAT that the pretty girl is not the one dying this time. They also think it’s right down hilarious how she’s killing the men. The men I’ve talked to certainly are interested in that part of it, and are interested in so many horror icons in “Smothered”. But here’s the part I like best. You are right, John. It’s sweet revenge for blonds everywhere! Glad someone is sticking up for us. For women in general too in horror movies. We don’t always have to be just a bunch of silly, pretty girls that run, fall down, and get killed by the guy with an axe.

    I think US getting the word out could help. I, for one, will be seeing “Smothered” when it comes out in December (I read that today on I mentioned to you that we have a good drive-in theater in Sacramento, CA so I would LOVE to pile some friends into my car to go see it. Regardless of where “Smothered” shows, I’m going and I’m taking people with me!

    Please don’t lose heart.

    Thanks, John

    ~Liz Landes~

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