Start writing and see

I find it amazing when I hear people say “Oh… I could never write a blog.”

I don’t think I could never NOT write a blog!

I find it therapeutic… relaxing… cleansing…

You should try it sometime if you don;’t already. Sit down and start writing and you’ll be amazed at what comes out.


For example…

This morning my coworkers and I sat down and discussed how to best handle the workload at the “office.” There were many suggestions and positions and perspectives expressed. Some from history, knowledge and experience… some from newness, short sightedness and inexperience.

What amazed me is that all had value.

Don”t get me wrong… it’s very hard to teach this old dog new tricks but it can be done.

Take the time to sit with you coworkers and share your take on the workplace… whatever it is.

You’ll be surprised and what you hear… at what you learn… at what you teach.

All perspectives have value. We are spokes on a wheel. Without every one of us doing our part the whole carriage will shudder, shake and, eventually, come off the axel!

Everyone is important. Everyone has a part, a perspective… a say.

I didn’t plan on writing that… I only started typing and that is what came out. Why don’t you give it a try? It’s fun… It’s therapeutic… relaxing… cleansing…

Food for thought.