Come on… really?

I’m angry this morning. watching the news at the airport and the folks on the screen are blasting niacin. Niacin is that vitamin I used to take to help other vitamins and nutrients absorb into my blood stream better. The one that made my skin flush a little. I liked that because that feeling made me know that it was actually working.

I’ve got nothing for or against niacin. This just happened to be around the millionth vitamin, supplement, medicine commercial/non-commercial I heard this morning in my drive to the airport.

Okay… maybe a few less than a million. I’m making a point though.

There are so many products out there today that are supposed to make people over 40 deal with the aches and pains and joint issues that come with aging.

First of all… 40 isn’t old. 40 is barely legal! (My perspective). Second of all there is no miracle drug or plant or vitamin that will alleviate or repair bad health or bad habits. NONE.

A friend of mine saw the six or so vitamins I take every day after I make my Shakeology and workout in the morning before. EVERY morning. His response was to say that studies show that people don’t actually absorb what’s in those vitamins. He’s right… kind of. People don’t. People who have a sedentary lifestyle don’t actually absorb those vitamins. I’m pretty sure they don’t absorb much of the medicine they take either.

But I don’t live a sedentary lifestyle. And neither should you. I work out… every day. I stretch. Do Yoga. Weights. Cardio. Everything. Every day. For a little under an hour.

My joints don’t hurt. My vitamins are absorbed. When I take an aspirin for a headache… it goes away immediately.

Am I some kind of super hero? Some kind of physical freak?


All I am is someone who decided to take control of my health, my fitness, my body after 50. I decided to start being the dog rather than the tail.

Because of that I am now in the best shape of my life. Better at 54 than I was at 18. Or 16 (At 16 I weighed 240 and had a 44 inch waist). When I get a physical the doctor invariably gets a funny look on hi/her face and says “You got to tell me what it is you’re doing because you are the healthiest 54 year old I’ve ever seen.”

That feels great. Not only because I’m pretty sure I’ll be around for awhile but mostly because I know that my health is a result of a decision that I made. I’m not in great health because of genes or heredity. My health is great because I decided that it would be.

You can (read should) make that same decision. Take charge of your health TODAY. Make a decision to get into better shape inside and out and make that decision RIGHT NOW.

I know that some folks have let it go far… real far. But consider this:

No matter what shape you are in you can decide to make a change for the better. If you currently weigh OVER 500- pounds you can decide to weigh UNDER 500 pounds. You decide. If you need to increase your circulation and help your heart and are currently NOT walking anywhere every day… start walking across town, the street, the driveway… the room.

Make a decision TODAY to do something for yourself that will help YOUR health and fitness. It doesn’t have to be something BIG. It can be something SMALL. Start a good habit today and toss out a bad one.

That’s a great plan. Think of GOOD HABITS to have in your life and think of BAD habits that you already have. Make a list of each. Take a magic marker and promise yourself and your family that for every NEW GOOD habit that you start… Promise that you will stop an OLD BAD habit.

Simple. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Try it… you’ll like it!

Gotta get on the plane.

Read this again. Let me know what BAD habit you’re dropping today and what GOOD habit you are replacing it with.


16 thoughts on “Come on… really?”

  1. So 40 is barely legal in your perspective, huh? I would enroll myself in a nursing home if I were you.

    Come on… You are not old! I mean… have you looked in the mirror lately? You look so much better than in your Dukes period. You’re like a fine wine, you’ve aged very well. The most attractive things in a man are character, experience and life wisdom. Things that come with age. There’s not an 18-25 or even a 40 year old who can hold a candle to you!

    You are right, 40 isn’t old but neither is 54!! My 87 year old grandmother was old! But me…? You…? No way… We, my friend, never grow old because in our hearts we will always be that kid that wants to get everything out of life!

  2. Thanks coach. Motivation is what I’ve needed. Thanks for this blog. When my dad past he told me before he left this earth was he wanted me to loose some weight. I guess somewhere through the depression of loosing him I lost my way. I will do my best and hardest to do just that. The goal is set now the journey begins. Then the bar must be raised. Thanks Coach!

  3. Hi John,
    I don’t know that much about the supplements that you are using because I have never used them before. Speaking of getting fit and shedding the pounds, it is hard for a lot of people to face the truth about themselves. Honestly, I’m one of those people. Denial is the keeper that keeps you from moving forward and facing it. I had gained more weight over the past 10 years than I ever realized. I’m ashamed of that. However, that is going away. In May, I went to my doctor and my triglycerides were high and so was my blood pressure. That scared me. Right before father’s day this year, I made the decision to get off of my butt and make something happen. I’ve been working out and just staying busy in every way. I went back to Dr. and now my triglycerides have come down 100 points and my body is slimming down. She said I was getting lean, LOL! I’m losing inches she says. That’s what I wanted and I’m pressing on.

    Take care John!

  4. Hey john, really really impressed with what you have achieved you look amazing for being over 50 I recently watched DOH reunion and now you look the same as you did then. I am 33 from glasgow sad to say I smoke 20 a day my health amd energy levels are pretty bad I have a very physical job thats the only exercise I get I watched the auto traded ad and was astounded at how well you look and because the dukes was my childhood the cast have always been my hero’s and I still to this day look up to you and tom so, I think its time I blow the dust off my weights and get my fitness back and like you say replace bad habbits with good ones.
    Keep going the way your going John you are a true inspiration that age is just a number!
    All the best

  5. “Easy peasy lemon squeezy.” hee hee! I like that! 😀

    What a great post,and it is just what I needed to hear today,thank you John.Truly.

    The BAD habit I am dropping is sleeping in till 10am Saturday mornings.

    The GOOD habit I am replacing it with is to get up at 8am and take my puppy for a nice big walk.

    Thanks again John,you are the best! 😀

  6. Today I give up on pop or soda as some may call it. All kinds, including diet or the zero ones. I will replace it with water or unsweetened tea. That’s huge for me as I am not a coffee drinker, my caffeine comes from pop. Today is pop, wonder what tomorrow will be as I have so many to chose from. Its a start

  7. I am giving up pop, or soda depending on where you grew up. No diet or Zero verisons. That is my one bad habit for the day. Instead I will drink water or tea (unsweetened).

  8. Well, yes, to us you are a superhero, mostly because you don’t know how to say, I quit. When the going gets tough, it’s as if someone said to you, “I bet you can’t.”
    Now, I’ll never be as fit as you, you’re probably in the 99th percentile. Good God, just look at you! But you are right, we can all push ourselves a little harder. Thanks for the whatever-that-was. Kick in the pants?

  9. Dear John,
    All great points! Last month I broke up with a boyfriend that was like a bad habit! Just kidding, though I know now this was not a good relationship for me because all the stress I felt from it was sending my blood pressure through the roof! 150’s over 90’s, not good!

    I take vitamins, and my new combo of BP meds is working very well, but I still have the old habit of eating “comfort foods”, pasta, chocolate, etc. I also haven’t been working out much. But being free from a relationship that was like a BAD HABIT has given me new energy and a new found freedom that I feel like I can do anything! Reading your posts, John, helps a great deal (more than you can know) and I’m going to cut back on the “comfort foods” and I think join a gym that is close by. I’m going to put myself “out there” a lot more too. I’m not ready for another relationship yet but I do want to socialize a bit more to meet new people and have new experiences. Thanks John!

    Liz Landes

  10. Yes, John everyday there is something in the news that we should do or not do. I use my medical background as a nurse to take their info with a grain of salt, pardon the pun, and decide for myself. I know I want to go back to walking on my treadmill as I should be doing and I want to cut back on my sweets in favor of fresh fruits. But, caring for my 96 yr. old mom and my black lab who can no longer walk, it just gets harder to find the time. Your post here has inspired me to try. Wish me luck!

  11. Coach John, After his heart attack, my husband was prescribed a regimen of Niaspan, and medical derivation of niacin. I read with intensity your essay on how people should want to feel better by using natural things and especially taking care of their bodies through fitness and sensible diet planning. After taking BB Ultimate Reset, I stopped drinking coffee, and I don’t even miss it. I also drink BB Detox daily which has a wonderful blend of herbs and antioxidants that makes a person comfortable and regular.

    There are things we cannot change, such as chronological aging and family genetics, but we can and should change the way we live making the right decisions on how to eat, exercise, and keep our weight where it should be. It doesn’t come naturally, but it must be on the top of everyone’s list. I really hate it when people makes excuses saying “I’m getting older, so I can’t exercise anymore,” or it doesn’t matter because “my family expects me to be overweight.” Those are lazy excuses for not doing the right thing. I want to live well not only for myself but for my family and never to be a burden to others because I was “lazy” in life just “letting things go” and winding up sick. We have an opportunity to build our bodies, stay fit, and enjoy happiness. Thank you for pointing out the important aspects of living life to the fullest.

  12. 2nd post…..Heavier people and immobile people are at HIGH RISK of developing DEADLY BLOOD CLOTS! I have the full use of one arm and one leg with full function, but I exercise the other ones by moving them around as people in wheelchairs or sedentary people are SUPER HIGH RISK! It is not just about weight…People don’t realize they could LOSE THEIR LIVES!!! BEING IMMOBILE is the WORST THING YOU CAN DO! I was for 7 years after my accident. You can MODIFY any program or personal workout.

  13. Hey Coach! I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to SHAKEOLOGY! It changed my life! I am a vegetarian and have been for 20+ years but was not getting the FULL nutrition my body needed to recover from illness and heal. I am off of 11 medications ( Per Doctor decisions) I have energy and down 60 pounds from my wheelchair. I modify workouts and drink Shakeology. My shakeo replaced my personal vitamins. I think more clearly, I sleep great, no more IBS, ulcers…(personal experience) and have not been hospitalized for COPD or Asthma in 3 years! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! My habits are really good ones, so not sure what to change. LOL I guess a change I would need is stop eating after a certain time of the evening.

  14. Read your blog is like to listen to a friend or my father who remember me things that I have put back…, for now, I stop smoking, I practice meditation, I eat healthy…but I know that is not enough….I have to do stronger exercises too…..thanks for prompting me!

  15. John – I totally agree with you about the media making a big deal out of Niacin. I take numerous diet supplements every day and I am 66 years old. My internist prescribed them for me and I have been taking them for years. Unfortunately, due to Meniere’s Disease, I can’t exercise like you do and I commend you highly for doing all of those exercises. You look great and you aren’t old! You have never looked old and will never look old. I am a sedentary type of person when I am not doing housework or running errands, but I do my best to take care of myself despite my disabilities. You are taking great care of yourself, John. I hope your fans listen to you and follow in your footsteps. You wouldn’t have posted your comment about Niacin if what you thought about it wasn’t true. Thanks for your wonderful words, John. All of us appreciate your opinion when you see fit to release it.

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