Failure is a choice

Failure is not an occurrence… it’s a choice. One that way too many people make every day.

The difference between people who reach their goals and those don’t is that those who fail made a decision to quit. They said “Well… It’s not in the cards.”

Then they stopped. They bagged it. They quit. They decided to fail.

Don’t be like that person. Don’t quit and blame your failure on the “cards.”

Keep pressing ahead. It may take years but still… it’s better to take years in pursuit of your dream than it is to quit and blame it on someone or something else.

The one thing that achievers have over non-achievers is that achievers NEVER quit. Ever. They DECIDE to make it. To achieve their goal… their way.

I heard it said that “Failure is the half way point between starting and finishing.” Half way.

That means most people quit just before they get over the hilltop.

Just before.


I also heard that “Success comes to those who can fail time after time and never lose enthusiasm.”

It’s all true. All of it.

What is your decision today?

Here’s mine: When the going gets tough the tough dig in. It’s worth it. I eat opposition for breakfast.

In fact… think about it this way… if you are playing basketball and when someone passes you the ball no one is on you..? You’re probably not much of a ball player.

When I get the ball… the opposition double teams my butt. Bring it on! I’m heading toward my goal!


19 thoughts on “Failure is a choice”

  1. I don’t believe it’s a choice every time. It depends on the situation. And, whether or not you have the tools to reach your goals. Sometimes other people cause the failure. But, it depends if a person learns from the failure in order to reach the goal in sight, then it’s not a compete loss. I don’t think anyone goes into marriage, for example, to chose for it to fail. I also believe that success & failure both come with integrity. A lie will always bring something down.

  2. Your are right to say failure is not an occurrence but a choice John, by giving up ownership of a condition or situation, we become victims; and victims are powerless; they can’t do anything constructive to repair what has happened. If we want to be the Master of our fate, we must stop the blame game and take responsibility for our life; all of it, with no exception. It takes maturity to do that – but it works. God Bless you for your words of wisdom!

  3. Not just a brilliant actor but an extremely insightful man.Your posts always make me stop and think.Thank you John. 🙂

  4. John,
    Brad Martini Chambers (radio personality of Martini in the Morning) said this when I posted it into my group called the “Tom Wopat Dedication Fan Club” on Facebook.

    (copy and pasted) from “Brad Martini Chambers: Yes Kimberly Rogers … it’s a great message coming at just the right time for me … thanks for posting it!” Mr. Chambers also shared the link to his FB page.

    I needed a boost as well and this was it. Thank you. 🙂

  5. You’re right. When March Miracle Makers started 28 months ago, I had no idea the broken road it would take me down to understand this principle of choosing to fail. I found out that I had as many excuses as I had pounds to lose. That was eye opening. Every day’s a decision, my decision, whether to do the work of success or not.

    1. So glad to be your coach. Hard to believe it’s been 28 months! Thousands of pounds lost. I am so proud of you and the group for sticking with it. You decided to succeed and you have!
      Coach John

  6. I always try not to fail, are try to quit what I dream of becoming. I been working on my goals for a while hoping to achieve it in December. Thanks John,

  7. John, you pose interesting ideas. Choices are things that we decide upon based on facts we perceive. Sometimes it’s right, sometimes not, but in the end we should learn from our mistakes or from our successes. I choose to be the person I am and meet the challenges of life, whether it be the loss of a child, or a change I cannot have any power over, I will try to endure and still pursue the right choice in the end. I don’t choose to quit, or to cry, but rather to gain knowledge about my own choices, and try again to find the right path.

  8. If, I could count the numerous times, we have gone on step forward, and 2 steps back !! but thought of giving up, Never.. I think too many people try and take the easy way out, by saying that’s it , I quit…..from my experience in life, you have to push on, and keep going no matter what deters you from your goal … go forward, and embrace your mistakes, and I quits, and go forward… I know I have : ) as for my goals I’m still reaching them, and I will succeed !! Remember failure is never a option !!

  9. Always Fail Forward….Learn and keep on pressing through. The most successful people in this world have the bloodiest knees. The difference is they get back up again. Here is to FAILING BIG and GETTING BETTER and STRONGER EACH TIME!!! 🙂 It will only make the SUCCESS that much BETTER!

  10. The road can be rude, hard…..but, the only thing you can control, in 100%, is your power of decisión…the success is here, waiting for the right CHOICE!

  11. Well John you say this is very true we must never surrender to the difficulties of reaching fulfill the dreams and goals you have achieved and you you’re a very steady man and you never give up work very hard to achieve your goals, that’s one of the things I admire about you go ahead Bring it

  12. John – Very interesting comment about failure. I never thought about it that way. That’s a great topic for discussion. I have never felt like a failure but my daughter has at times. She has ADHD plus borderline intelligence disorder and has problems getting along with people. At times, she feels like a failure because she has problems keeping jobs. I try to encourage her as much as I can. and anyone else who thinks they are a failure, I do the same thing. Once again, thanks for the comment. Very interesting.

  13. I totally agree with you John, im trying to accomplish my goals and never stopped and when the day comes it will happen. I believe in faith.
    always have. My mom may she rest in peace (march 9th 1992) she was the biggest inspiration in my life. she never gave up on me and I believe that she is watching over me. if you remember I told you when my mom passed away in 92. you were at new haven Shubert theatre doing Brigadoon. and u handed me a fan club business card from trails end productions. one question to ask ya you still have the Harley Davidson wallet. if you do can u take a selfie pic oic you holding it. if you remember that day. thanks john best wishes Pete Monde

  14. John,
    You are so right. I have been in that position many of times. Failure and giving up was something I learned as a kid. It took me quite awhile to decide to change things. I will be achieving 2 of my goals next year.

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