Failure is a choice

Failure is not an occurrence… it’s a choice. One that way too many people make every day.

The difference between people who reach their goals and those don’t is that those who fail made a decision to quit. They said “Well… It’s not in the cards.”

Then they stopped. They bagged it. They quit. They decided to fail.

Don’t be like that person. Don’t quit and blame your failure on the “cards.”

Keep pressing ahead. It may take years but still… it’s better to take years in pursuit of your dream than it is to quit and blame it on someone or something else.

The one thing that achievers have over non-achievers is that achievers NEVER quit. Ever. They DECIDE to make it. To achieve their goal… their way.

I heard it said that “Failure is the half way point between starting and finishing.” Half way.

That means most people quit just before they get over the hilltop.

Just before.


I also heard that “Success comes to those who can fail time after time and never lose enthusiasm.”

It’s all true. All of it.

What is your decision today?

Here’s mine: When the going gets tough the tough dig in. It’s worth it. I eat opposition for breakfast.

In fact… think about it this way… if you are playing basketball and when someone passes you the ball no one is on you..? You’re probably not much of a ball player.

When I get the ball… the opposition double teams my butt. Bring it on! I’m heading toward my goal!