Sounds good to me…

Ever notice how sounds can relax you? Take you back to a place..? A good one?

I suppose they can take you back to a bad one too but that’s not what this is about.

I collect sounds for the movies we make here at John Schneider Studios. All kinds of sounds. Birds… Frogs… water… wind… stuff.

I do that because I know that just the right sound in just the right place over just the right picture can make an audience feel something… go somewhere.

That’s important to me. Create a three dimensional world… populate it… start an amazing story… invite the audience into it for awhile.

Cool stuff.

I sit on my back porch after I workout every morning and before I go in to write every evening. I sit there… I close my eyes… I listen.

I do this for about half an hour total (15 and 15) and it is my favorite part of the day.

Listening. Trying to separate one sound from another. To isolate.

It’s a wonderful way to get ready for the day’s work and to recover from the day’s work. Two for one.

If you haven’t stopped what you are doing to listen to the world you live in I highly recommend it. There’s peace and comfort in it regardless of where you live.

Even the cars and trucks going by on the highway or interstate have a sound… a place… in you.

Give it a shot for a few days and let me know what comes to be your favorite sound. The one that makes you sigh… sit a little deeper… think a little less.

For me it’s… don’t laugh…



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  1. John, we sure miss you guys in San Antonio. I always enjoyed hearing about you plans. Looks like all is going well for you. Where are you building studio? Bill Siebert 220-415-3221

  2. Oddly enough, I can not sleep without the sound of humming or an odd beeping noise. I think it has to do with being in the hospital so many times. Now it is actually comforting. As a kid, in the Summer I used to lay out in the field at my Grandma’s house in Missouri and shut my eyes and try to guess the sounds on the farm. My favorite sound at her place was oddly enough the whirring of the moving fan. Also the sound of a dogs toe nails on the linoleum floor. Odd? LOL Something very comforting about the tap, tap, tap on that floor and the sound of the big old oven door shutting. Like Pavlov’s dogs we would race to see what was cooking. LOL Then of course the distinctive sound of the water coming up through the well, when we pumped it. Yes, her little town did not have running water for YEARS. I cherish those memories and those sounds. The creaking sound of the pump as we worked our arms pumping and pumping just waiting to see that first spurt of water come flying out. Thanks for the FUN memories! 😉

  3. What a Beautiful Noise! :O) The world is full of them, but when I’m out and about and hear the deep bark of a Labrador Retriever, I think of our big Sandi-dog who loved and protected our family faithfully for 15 rs, and my eyes tear up every time…

  4. Mr. John, I know this is totally off the subject of SOOTHING sounds, but I have a question I’ve wanted to ask you for quite some time and I keep forgetting to do so.

    I saw you (and Miss Elly, I believe) on an episode of Hell’s Kitchen maybe a year ago or so. I thoroughly enjoy that show and I think Mr. Gordon Ramsey is a culinary genius. With that being said, what are your memories from that evening? The aromas? The quality of the food you were served? The sounds from the kitchen? Just curious!

    Back to favorite sounds…I also love hearing both Mr. Tom and you sing show tunes and/or jazz. I wasn’t really a jazz fan until I heard you two get into singing some songs and I’ve really enjoyed them. The sound of music can be an extremely relaxing and soothing sound – ranks right up there with crickets chirping, whippoorwills calling, coyotes howling and frogs croaking (but not with Mr. Gordon when he’s angry or disappointed!).

    We’re still praying for Mrs. Shirley and for her continued return to good health.

  5. Sometimes I don’t get out for the dog’s walk around the neighborhood until after dark. At one point the sidewalk crosses over a creek where 2 frogs named Sid & Norty live. Every night they compete. It’s loud, & it’s deep. I’m convinced one them has a day job singing bass with a doo wop group.

      1. That was a long time ago. Back when I was a tomboy/country girl. I named all my pet chickens & turtles. Ha! My kids are amazed how bugs, frogs and any kind of, “creepy crawler,” don’t faze me.

  6. I love any sounds from rural areas. Brings back memories of my grandparent’s farm in Illinois. I love sound of birds, bugs, frogs too, I guess. I used to have a pet bullfrog named, “Herman.” Ha! The sound of a whip poor will bird, used to kinda freak me out at night. But I really miss those sounds.

  7. Ya,I love the Frogs & Crickets in the evening,But as U well Know don’t have those Here.
    The Sounds that takes Me Back is the sound of some one walking On Gravel,I kept hearing some one walking on Gravel and after twice hearing the sound I made up my mind I was going to Find out who it was.I did and I could only think one thing when Ask what I wanted to be.
    But,That’s all water under the Bridge isn’t it..But,That’s what sounds are in my life..Thank goodness there are very few Gravels around here.
    And I’ve learned that some songs well do the same thing so guess what I stay away from them as best as I can,Can’t control what other People Play lol..I’ve Been around enough to Know & The Last thing I needed ,Honey Moon wine are No No’s and The Real Deal for get
    Funny How songs tell a story ,The Real Deal takes Me Back to the Laundry Mat and a Guy saying UR the Real Deal Aren’t U,and then saying it feel’s like it’s 110 in here and That took me back to me talking to someone about going to the Laundry Mat,and It took me a few seconds to understand when he said I think I have the right one.
    I love the songs I just can’t listen to them with out taking that trip U Know..? Carrollton ,Ga 197__

    Have a Great One,Hope Mom is doing well..Stay safe always..
    Always and forever..

  8. Hard rain on a hot tin roof. Strong, stormy wind. The ocean in its many moods. Anything wild and free; like my city-trapped soul.
    The voices of children…

  9. I completely agree with you Bo….oops! I mean John. LOL 😉 I love the sound of frogs too. I love to sit on my back porch and to listen to God’s symphony. Especially in the evenings at dusk. I would do it more often if it weren’t for the mosquitoes here in GA. 🙂

  10. It depends on my mood which sounds I enjoy. The normal sounds are that of a small village. Cars that are driving by, neighbors who mow their grass, the laughter from the children who are playing in the playground in front of the house, the sounds when they kick under a football, the sounds when a kid get mad because her hiding place wasn’t the best one for hide and seek. When the wind is right we even hear the sounds of the amusement park, the whistle of the steam train, the music of the various attractions, the rumble of the roller coaster.

    There are days when I’m done with all those sounds, days that I go look for some other sounds. Sometimes all those sounds overload my system, especially when my thoughts and ideas are spining around in my head and I can get them straight.

    That are the days I go for the peace and tranquility of the forest. I can just go sit in the grass on the edge of the forest, staring over the fields in the distance and listen to the rustling of the leaves, the singing of the birds, the crackling when a squirrel try to find it’s way to the top of a tree, the sound of my dog rummaging through the dry foliage at the bottom of the woods behind me.

    And in some weird way I calm down, my thoughts calm down and the whole world around me calms down. Things that looked like a huge problem aren’t that big anymore, thoughts in my head that where blurry and unlogical become clear, ideas that where incomplete, not defined, looked like complete nonsense suddenly find a place, fall in order and sometimes even find an extension.

    But if you really want to know what my favorite sound is… the voices of the loved ones around me!

    I enjoy the teasing in my husbands voice when I blurred something out before thinking about it, I love the laughter of my son when he hears a good joke, hell I even love the madness in our voices on days that things go wrong.

    Some day these voices can be gone and it can happen before you know it and when you least expect it. Then there’s a silence that no one can break or replace.

  11. Sitting in front of my laptop……..Reading your post……..Watching the picture of your place……..I can even listen the sound of the rain……falling on the wáter…..MAGIC!

  12. I’ll try and tape the Stallions calling to my mares during sunup. Should give your library some great background sound bites.

  13. I totally understand what you said about frogs, Mr. John. An old wives’ tale from this area is that springtime hasn’t truly arrived until you hear the tree frogs singing (okay, croaking) on three different days. There is nothing like listening to the sound of frogs croaking, crickets chirping and whippoorwills singing to make one feel at peace. Regardless of whatever stress one may be experiencing, those sounds can be very therapeutic.

    I think the sound of a baby’s laughter can melt the heart of almost any parent or grandparent, too. In my opinion, the sound of a child laughing is one of the best sounds in the world.

    However…at a demolition derby there is nothing like the sound of metal-on-metal and nothing like the aroma of busted radiators permeating the air!

  14. your place is the ideal one to do that because you have all these beautiful sounds around you, water, leaves moved by the wind, frogs, etc, it is a very relaxing place to be. When are you filming your next movie? the one you are planning to make after Smothered? BTW, I have been recommending Smothered to everyone I know

  15. John this seems great precisely just recorded some videos with natural sounds in a town that I love it as a child I love that place and if also the sounds of some weird cars but also relaxes hear them from afar vrdad my I like this too much we totally agree you and me in this we are related

  16. The trains, that’s what I loved to hear as a child. Very late at night, the roar and the whistle blowing, would always help me fall asleep. And, strange as it sounds, music you’ve never heard will take you back. Your song “Honeymoon Wine” (which is old to you but new to me) takes me straight to a cramped smoky little bar on Bourbon Street “at a table for two”, with all the sights, sounds, and smells of the French Quarter. I thank you for that.

  17. I live in the country and every evening I go outside walking for some minutes..I like listening to the crickets and the water running slowly in a little water channel…it’s very relaxing…and in few days there will be fireflies here and there lighting as little stars in the fields…

  18. I have always loved the sound of Church bells to this day the sound can take me back to being a child. Growing up in London I never really heard many sound of wildlife but now I live in the country. I love sitting in my living room especially in Spring or Summer and hearing the sound of birds and occasionally other wildlife like foxes mainly at night. Our garden backs on to fields. Sometimes we even get squirrels visit our garden.

  19. Hello John, I had the unique honor and pleasure of sounding “Taps” at your dad’s Funeral on Block Island, I got to meet some very fine relatives and friends of your family……….I am truly sorry for your loss! TSgt Michael Jackson USAF Rhode Island Military Funerals Honors.

  20. Birds chirping in the morning, and peepers (a type of frog!) peeping at night. These are the sounds of Spring to me. They make me feel happy, relieved, and hopeful. I hate winter!

    One of the things I like about hiking solo is the sounds. Of the wind. Birds. Crickets. Water. All the sounds of Nature. Soothing and refreshing!

  21. We definitely love the peeper frogs where we live and we enjoy their special song every spring. I also love listening to all the various birds in our area — and squirrels! Glad to hear you’re a nature lover, John!

  22. okay so get this, I meditate and do the same thing. I listen to any calming sounds a house fan that reminds me of airplanes, instrumental music, country music, fireplaces, etc. And after reading your blog, It scared me a bit cause I feel that you read my mind. Thank you for putting my feelings about meditating and taking time to relax into words. I have tried multiple times to explain to people around me what I do but the always look at me like Im crazy. I mainly do it to connect with my late mother that I lost when I was starting my senior year of high school. Its now been about four years and I still do it. Thanks again and I would like to say you still inspire me to be a singer/ teacher and be who I am today. Even If I dont make it as a professional.

      1. oh my gosh i was not expecting that. You are the best. I just finished watching you acting in a movie called Come Dance at My Wedding. Amazing.

  23. As a director, you are sensitive to the small things, some people may consider insignificant. But you see the beauty in the simple things of nature. The beautiful, subtle sounds of nature calling to you…to your heart and to your mind. I like the quietude of nature’s bounty, just watching clouds go by or listening to sounds of a brook. So many things we take for granted, but without them, it would be a sterile, still, unconnected world. Director Schneider, I applaud your efforts to see life in the simple things around you.

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