Some people…

It never ceases to amaze me that there are people out there who seem to be geared…

…no… designed…

To be helpful.

They come to the studio… work all day (and I’m talking HARD work) make a huge change in the place and then…


They Thank Me when they leave.

Thank ME!

For letting them come over and work their butts off for little more than fellowship.

These are amazing people and I want to thank them right now… on Easter Sunday because I know they are out there celebrating and won’t be able to say something like “Oh, don’t thank me… It was nothing.”

I’m taking this opportunity to do something that I highly recommend you do to those around you who are the same way…

To Dan who cuts the grass… thank you my friend. You have a gift. Watching you out there makes me jealous of your line. You cut more grass in a shorter time with a bigger smile than I’ve ever seen.

Roger, Kyra, Marty and Becket who build rooms, shovel sand, light up the swamp and make sure there’s the delight of discovery in the eyes of a child here whenever they stop by… Thank you for not only your willingness to do things like crawl under the house but for doing it with excellence. You prove that you don’t always “Get what you pay for.” Sometimes you get a whole lot more than that. Every time with you!

To Jennifer who makes sure that no poison ivy goes untouched. No counter top goes un scrubbed and who has great appreciation for filling the air with music that only someone much older… (like me) would like… Thank you for brightening up every room or swamp that you inhabit.

To Shay who makes sure that there is a class to the joint that I never imagined possible. An elegance to the way light streams through the drapes, sheers and clean windows and the smell of fresh deer bubbling on the broken stove… Thank you for believing that this place could be more than an old, forgotten, house at the end of a dirt road.

To Dane who recognized the need for people to come here and not only put the word out but showed up, barefoot, ready to tackle anything that needed to be tackled. Thank you for you spirit of “Why not?!” It’s very refreshing to someone who was used to hearing “Why? altogether too often.

And to Robert who simply does everything. Everything from finding and fixing leaks to making sure the dogs are alive and the alligator is far away and the firewood is dry and the Darryl has the right info and the burn pile is manned and the pool guy is on time and on and on and on… Thank you for taking on this project (which is truly endless) with an attitude of friendship and good will toward all who enter the chain that will one day be a beautiful gate.

You all amaze me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See..? That wasn’t so bad. Was it?


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  1. Since you are in the thanking mood, I would love to thank you. I met you when I was working as a waitress in 1985, and you commented on my ability to stack cups on the way to the kitchen. Your warmth and friendliness has always been remembered, and has been an inspiration to me. Thank You!!

  2. We appreciate you, John, for being a kind, generous, loving and forgiving man who keeps his covenants.
    I’m sure the mother of your children would say she thanks you for the blessing of her beautiful children, for being able to see you reflected in them, in that same sweet smile. In having a little piece of you with her always.
    I want to thank you for the Christian movies you have done. It’s nice to be able to see you in the sort of thing I really enjoy watching. Keep up the great work!
    Wishing I could be that lucky lady sitting by your side in a bright orange car, enjoying the lovely weather we’re having here in Tac & growing older next to you.
    Friends? 🙂

  3. Dear John,

    your doing well keep up the good work my friend? that is if you can get the time to do the studio can you put it on facebook like to see it when it is done I know you been busy lately? god bless you tell your mom get well soon ok…. I am alone you can email me ok. love your fan Theresa Laforge

  4. Sorry I haven’t been in touch.How’s mom doing? I’ve been bedside with hubby at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. During his deployment to Afghanistan, he was on a convoy doing medical coverage for a junior sailor and was hit by a suicide bomber with 600pounds of explosives back in February. We get to bring him home to the house to continue rehabilitation before his next surgery. Hope you’re doing well!

  5. How wonderful that you chose to give a personal shout out to everyone who has willingly helped you with your baby. I am sure you made their day as much as they seem to have made yours.
    We see so much negativity in the media that it’s often easy to forget how many truly helpful, kind and honest people there are in the world. Also a lot of us get into the mindset that no one would want to be bothered with helping us to do what we are doing and, therefore, we fail to ask. I’ve learned however that any time I ask for help even on small tasks, I’ve never been let down. I may not always get the exact same people on a project, but I’ve always gotten someone!
    You wonder how anyone could thank you for working for nothing more than fellowship. In any job fellowship is the finest payment anyone can receive. I’ve had jobs before that paid good money where I had to deal with some ‘rough’ people, and I’ve worked in volunteer situations where I was paid with brand new friends and a cold ham sandwich. Let’s just say I’ve walked away from some paying jobs, but I’ve never walked away from a fellowship opportunity!
    Also, it’s true that some people really enjoy spruce up projects….getting out in the yard and making things beautiful. But a third aspect you may not have considered is that a lot of people are just glad to be a little part of something bigger.
    I’m sure you are well schooled in the fact that when it comes to movies and television, there are thousands of people out there who want that ‘starring role’, who want to be an extra or may even want to work behind the camera. But there are just as many, if not more, who would be just as excited to look at a film and think, ‘See that flower pot? I PAINTED it!’. See that chandelier? I hung it! See that Japanese maple? I PLANTED it’. (I know, because I would be one of THOSE people). 
    I enjoy seeing the progress that is being made on the place and look forward to seeing the films that will eventually come out of it.

  6. I am so happy that you have such amazing friends to share in your journey and help build your dreams! Thanks for SHARING your DREAMS with others! 🙂

  7. It sounds like you are in a good place with good people. I get the sense this is just the begining…

    Love the pic!

  8. I’m Happy That U have Great People and Friends in UR Life.
    I also Happy That UR Happy,That make’s me Happy and let’s me Know a few things,I’ve learned a lot today,things I’ve needed to know.
    Have a great and Happy Easter and Life,I’m very Glad to know U have and have Had what U always wanted.No Matter what else I’m very happy that U R happy and Pleased with the way things have been these last 30 or so years..U will always be my Hero and I need not say why I’ve already told U that.May God always Bless and keep U safe..
    Always and forever

  9. John, people love working with and around you for nothing because you are a very thoughtful, considerate and caring man. They don’t want to be paid for their work because they are doing it because they want to. They don’t want to get paid for it. They want to be with you instead. They are your friends and what are friends for if not to help each other! So be thankful that you have such friends! I am one of them, by the way.

    Patsy Davis

  10. Hi John, you didn’t mention me in your post but you have already said thanks to me for helping and I had already also said helping you is a pleasure and fun and I am sure everyone thinks the same way!. It is also an honor that someone as important as you let us help in a huge project like that!! Whenever I see your house in pictures I will be able to think I painted that part!!!!, that was my little contribution to something as good as this, a place where a lot of great movies will be filmed, a dream maker… So I also thank you for letting me help and for being so nice and a down to Earth person. I hope you keep on inviting us to go help you. Have a happy Easter!! 🙂

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