A workout a day keep the doctor impressed

Forgive the blatant sales pitch but something just happened that I have to brag about.

Have to!

Okay… I am working on this delightful film called “Mr. Fiction” for the Pixel Network through Hallmark all week.

I’m a dad who is trying to protect one of his investments while also trying to spark a little romance into my son’s overworked life.

Fun stuff.

But here’s the deal… When ever you do a movie you have to be given a physical to make sure you are insurable. In the event that you get sick the production company needs to be able to get reimbursed for any money they are out because of your sickness.

Just how it is.

So… today I am getting my physical and the doctor sees that I’m 54… just 54 BTW… and wishes me Happy Birthday.
“Thanks” I say.
Then he takes my blood pressure.
“Wow… that’s really great.” He says.
I forget the number but it was enough to impress this guy so that’s good with me.
He then listens to my heart.
“Um…” says he. “What is it that you do to keep in this kind of shape at your age?”
That’s when I told him about P90X3.
That’s when I gave him the link to my web site.That’s when I thanked him for coming and he said “No… Thank you. I’m going to start doing this right away and get my patients on it. I’ll order P90X3 tonight.”

It feels good to help a doctor get into better shape!

For those of you who know what this means… BRING IT!

For those who don’t… why not give it a shot?

20 thoughts on “A workout a day keep the doctor impressed”

  1. “The words we speak become the house we live in..” -Source Unknown
    I can’t let that “broken record” comment stand unchallenged. Who said that, and don’t you listen!
    If you think about all the people you have challenged – and taught how – to take their lives back, all the strokes and heart attacks that are not going to happen, all the people who are not in nursing homes, all because of the faith that they have in you, you just have to keep on hammering away at us..
    My newspaper today screamed in two-inch headlines that this county is the fattest, laziest county in Michigan, half of all adults are obese. and almost a fourth of us never move except from the couch to the fridge. So you see you can’t stop now. (Don’t look at me, I walk at least an hour every day, even if it is laps in my own driveway.)
    Let me leave you laughing. My beautiful daughter shared this from somewhere (and if you think I’m just mom-bragging, look up Elizabeth Colvin Buckley on Facebook)” My swimsuit told me to go to the gym today, but my sweatpants said, “Nah, girl, you’re good.”
    Thanks for taking care of yourself, you know we all want you to live forever. .

  2. Hello John ,
    I Am New At This Sit And Don’t Know What I Am Doing Have The Time . I Was Talking To A Friend On Facebook And I Was Telling Her That I Do Some Poems And I Wanted To Find Some That Can Put Them Into A Song . I Cant Sing At All So I Am Asking You John Would You Like To Try Singing On Just Asking That Is All ? This Is One Of My Poems (( ” Who Am I Today ?” ))
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  3. John – I am very interested in seeing your new film, “Mr. Fiction.” Sounds wonderful and with you acting in it, it has to be fantastic! I hope this one comes out on DVD since I can’t go to a theater. You are looking great as usual. Always your fan, Patsy Davis

  4. So happy about your physical results, John…but I knew it would have to be great because of all the exercise you do! I also exercise every day for about an hour at least with my own routine. Nothing is better for the body than exercise — but you knew that!

  5. Coach John, You LIVE what you preach. I’m reminded of the song “You’ve Gotta Have Heart,” and that you do. It shows in many ways. You are so exuberant about your health and fitness, and you want to share that excitement with others. In everything you do, you focus on it, and apply those principles. You’re the picture of “bringing it,” because you have experienced the pain and the workouts and also the positive attitude bringing you results. Thanks for sharing that story and much luck with your new movie!

  6. Hi John – You are in good shape just by looking at you. Wish I could participate in this exercise program but I can’t due to my vertigo and imbalance. Otherwise, I would. You are looking great and no one would ever know that you are 54 years old. I still don’t believe it. You look great! Your fan always, Patsy Davis

  7. That is so great. I’ve just done my workout for the day T25 Speed 3.0. Lovingly how much more energy I have nowadays. Highly recommend working out.
    Look forward to seeing “Mr Fiction” when it comes out 🙂

  8. So proud of you, John! You have helped people lose thousands and thousands of pounds. By sharing your journey you are saving lives and improving the quality of lives for people. Before Official Team Ripped Duke I was a spectator in my life and now I am an ACTIVE participant again! I have energy and HOPE! Doing what I can every single day!

  9. This is great John again I congratulate this is very good and healthy enough to see you to verify that P90X3 works and works great worth acquiring this exercise plan paraestar so well and look as good as you will see lights glowing this is great

  10. I’m Glad every thing Is Good for U,I Hope out side of having to see the Doc U had a Wonderful Birthday.
    Yes,It is great to stay in shape wish every one would if they can afford what it takes to do so they really should.
    It’s Great that God takes Care of Us but ,he expects us to use Common since as well.
    I’m fighting with things where My mother is concerned right now Not fun at all.
    I tried to Place her Because she refuses to do any thing at all,I do Mean Nothing,sit on the Bed all day,I have to take Meals to her.That’s how bad it is.
    I couldn’t due to Records needed,But I told Her if I was going to take care of her she was going to have to start caring enough to do what it took to stay at home.
    It’s Not at all good for her to do like she has been doing.
    And it isn’t good for me to not get sleep and rest because I’m stressed out all the time not knowing from one min to the next what to expect.
    So,I am still working on what I need for Placement if she does do what she needs to do.
    I’m not a RN or a Doctor and If she keeps going the way she is ,she will need a lot more care than I can give her.
    I’m only one person and I can only do so much.
    I have gone until my feet and legs hurt and I refuse to keep killing my self to help some one that will not help them self.
    I think that is a waste,and she is wasting her life and mine doing this way.Yea ,I know she is my Mother and all that stuff,But Even at that U still have to think of UR self.
    U can’t let some one destroy U while UR trying to help them no matter who it is..
    Any way ,I didn’t mean to get into all that.
    My long Drawn out meaning is I’m very happy for U and I hope every one Will stop and think about staying healthy and Not getting to a place where some one is having to do for them like I do right now for my Mother,she could be in much better shape if she had only took walks every day that is all she had to do and wouldn’t.
    Isn’t that sad ? Just a walk every day think about it..I also had a Birthday as U well know and I try very hard to take care of my self but,these days It’s hard,but the point is I do try.
    And I’m so Proud of U for doing so and trying to help others do the same.
    God Bless and Keep U always.
    Always and for ever..

  11. Doctors are not easy to impressed and he got that convinced that now he even wants to order one for himself, all I can say is wow. I know you at 54, are probably healthier than me at 34. I really wish I could do P90x but I will have to start with slim in 6 as you recommended. Hopefully one day I can do P90X too

  12. That is fantastic. That’s where you’re doing it all for, for that kind of experiences. It’s wonderful that you can be such an inspiration. Aren’t you blessed then?

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