A workout a day keep the doctor impressed

Forgive the blatant sales pitch but something just happened that I have to brag about.

Have to!

Okay… I am working on this delightful film called “Mr. Fiction” for the Pixel Network through Hallmark all week.

I’m a dad who is trying to protect one of his investments while also trying to spark a little romance into my son’s overworked life.

Fun stuff.

But here’s the deal… When ever you do a movie you have to be given a physical to make sure you are insurable. In the event that you get sick the production company needs to be able to get reimbursed for any money they are out because of your sickness.

Just how it is.

So… today I am getting my physical and the doctor sees that I’m 54… just 54 BTW… and wishes me Happy Birthday.
“Thanks” I say.
Then he takes my blood pressure.
“Wow… that’s really great.” He says.
I forget the number but it was enough to impress this guy so that’s good with me.
He then listens to my heart.
“Um…” says he. “What is it that you do to keep in this kind of shape at your age?”
That’s when I told him about P90X3.
That’s when I gave him the link to my web site.That’s when I thanked him for coming and he said “No… Thank you. I’m going to start doing this right away and get my patients on it. I’ll order P90X3 tonight.”

It feels good to help a doctor get into better shape!

For those of you who know what this means… BRING IT!

For those who don’t… why not give it a shot?