Work Day at the studio!

My great friend Dane Rhodes from  Smothered put out an invite for some of his friends to come do some “work around the studio” this weekend.

It pays to have friends like Dane because 90 people responded! There will be 90 people at the studio tomorrow working their fingers to the bone.

Don’t worry… I have fire ants and fire ants LOVE bony fingers!

After the day’s work we will all be watching Smothered in the very location where it was shot! Pretty cool… especially since I now have evidence that the studio really is haunted!

Darned fire ants and their peanut butter…

A “friendly spirit” seems to float around the lake area. I learned that an actress drowned up there in 1914. I’m in the process of finding out who and why now. Will keep you posted.

Here’s to Dane and his friends. The studio is going to be MUCH better for the effort!



20 thoughts on “Work Day at the studio!”

  1. helping you in the studio is fun. I didn’t see any ghost but maybe something weird happened when I was painting your kitchen door. The door next to it opened several times and I thought it was a little weird, maybe the wind?? who knows..

  2. I need a little help too. Can anyone tell me how to find John’s? real Facebook page? How do I tell which is the real one and which are fan pages? Thanks to anybody who can answer this.

  3. Hi john,

    Hope the studio? goes well for you.    Don’t rush into it though take your time good colors come along way.   Your friends should help you desine your studio dont work hard john,,,,,,

    love your fan theresa laforge

    1. Backwater is still in the line but moved down. Smothered has changed the natural order of things so I have pushed it to 4th. Thanks for asking. Keep an eye out for it here on the blog.

  4. really A Great Friend,U Know Who UR Friends R When U Need Help.
    And Who Cares about U and Who Don’t,This Is one of those Lesson’s I have Learned the Hard way..Have a great time with Friends,I know U’ll Get a Lot Done faster with a lot of Help..Have a Safe Day..
    Always take Care of UR self in all U do..

  5. Hey, John, Sounds very interesting to have ghost stories in a swamp that you own. Can’t wait to hear the background to that story. Thanks to all your helpers in Louisiana. If I were there, I’d be with you too. Bless you all and please be safe around all those tools and pointy things.

  6. Did you ever figure out what was going on with facebook? I dont have a twitter and I mainly use google+ but I had to go to facebook the other day because of a sociology project. I had to contact the most famous person I knew and the person themself had to reply. Unfortionatly nobody replied. but lucky for me I have a cousin who was in a band and they done country fest of 2011

  7. You ought to call, “Ghost Adventures.” I think Zac is hot (no offense). I’ve downloaded a ghost radar app on my phone. Pretty cool. I have been fascinated by the paranormal since my granny died in 1993. Had some very, “spooky” things happen when I stayed at her house after she died. Most Christians don’t believe in departed spirits hanging around, but I do.
    Also…..My son, Jacob, will turn 12 tomorrow. His #615-975-5336, if you want to give him a b-day shout or text.

  8. I wouls like to chip in, alas; I must work. If you would like I can have some food brought out for your helpers! Let me know!

  9. John – You and the rest of the crew will have a ball building the studio on the haunted grounds of “Smothered”. Hope you enjoy yourselves worked yourselves to the bone but then you enjoy it! Was wonderful meeting you last weekend. I will never forget it, especially our “chance meeting”. I am still recuperating from it. Good luck building the studio with the rest of the workers!

  10. So cool that you discovered a friendly spirit on your studio lot! The other side has always fascinated me!

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